Online Shopping Adventures: Coco and Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque

It happened again. Social media influenced me to purchase a product just out of curiosity. I know Im weak to advertisements ! With it being winter and the fact that I’m blonde I was looking for a hair masque to help make my hair less feral. Its got a little frizz and is a bit dry. So I came across these advertisements with girls showing off their amazing hair results from this product and a lot were blonde.  Coco and Eve – Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque looked like a great Natural hair product to help my hair look its best. I wanted to be smart so I thought before I purchase this to try it out Ill actually look at the reviews on it and and refer to the best for information. So according to the website this masque:

  • 5 in 1 treatment

  • Restores dry damaged hair

  • Improves hair texture and shine

  • Hydrates and deeply conditions

  • Treats split ends and tames frizz

  • Transform your hair in only 10 minutes

All of these looked like good selling points, so I purchased a 1x Like a Virgin Hair Masque  that included a FREE Tangle Tamer Brush. Its a little brush with long and short bristles and you use it to comb the product through your hair.


When I received my order the first thing that stood out to me was the nice packaging. Im a sucker for good packaging. The product jar and the brush came in a decorated box that has a nice tropical theme to it, which I loved. I still store the brush and jar in the box because it just looks so nice (yes I’m weird). Moving on. the instructions were nice and simple, all I had to do was wash my hair and then instead of use conditioner use the mask. Put the mask in washed hair comb through and leave in for 5-10 minutes (simple). I like masks that require only a short time to leave it in because I have used hair masques that require 30-60 minutes in your wet hair – its a bit of a hassle having a mask in my hair that long I don’t feel like a can do much.

Putting the mask in my hair was simple and OH! it smelt amazing! As I’m typing this I’m actually smelling my hair because its still smells great. Waiting wasn’t to bad I kept the treatment in my hair for 10 minutes – it flew by. Rinsing my hair I could feel the difference straight away, it felt clean and light weight as if I’ve had my hair professionally washed by a hairdresser. Because I have such thick hair and don’t have the patience to dry with a hair dryer I air dry my hair. It does take a bit longer (especially in Winter) but I prefer to air dry my hair.

Once my hair was dry, it was the moment of truth. Of course I had to put the straightener through my hair because air drying makes my hair so fluffy I look like a Pomeranian so I can’t tell unless its straightened. My hair overall you can tell looks and feels a lot more healthy, smells great and looks nice and shiny (I’ve been acting like in in a shampoo commercial).  Bit disappointed that that its not completely frizz free but it has reduced the frizz significantly, I reckon I would need to use this a few more times to see a lot more results.  I was pretty happy with this hair masque. I have tried a lot in my time and this was pretty good with the short time needed for it to work and it smelt great. The only downfall is the price, $64.90 AUD for it. So its not really that cheap to buy BUT saying that a lot of hair products do cost a bit more if you want to see results and not completely destroy your hair. One bonus with this I found that people kept complimenting my hair saying things like “oh I like what you did with your hair”, it was one of those situations when someone asks if you got your hair cut/coloured and out just washed it. That’s what I went through many times and my hair was styled no different.

So its a Good Sign if thats the case……

Anyhow I can’t stop sniffing my hair like a weirdo and running my fingers through it, if your a little curious yourself Ive left the Coco and Eve website below for you to scope out yourself.



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