My Plump Pooch…….the Model

This is Mischief, she is a pugalier, she will be 10 Years old this year and she’s plus sized. A while ago I entered a completion online for an Old Dogs Photoshoot and well hell froze over and I won!! Sure I have many beautiful pictures of my pooch but I wanted a special one to commemorate her hitting the milestone of 10 years. It was also the fact since the spawn was born she has taken a bit of a step back from the number one baby to number two.

This happens to a lot of people that they have a fur baby and its their world, then they have a human baby and the fur baby kind of gets a little sidelined because of all the time and energy going into the human baby. I admit Ive done this to my old girl Mischief, but in the end she will always be my baby. So anyway I was so excited at the thought of a nice photoshoot for her something that all about her. I even went a little crazy with the preparations by getting her professionally groomed (she hates baths so he hated it- but she didn’t smell like a wet dog even when dry so thats a win) and I went and bought her a new collar and lead which she actually liked.


Before we actually arranged the shoot we had to have a design consultation. This was for the dog to go to the studio and get used to the surroundings and get comfortable. This was also a time to discuss what we wanted the outcome of the photos to look like. The studio was about 45minutes away from the house, the trip was a bit stressful leading up to it partly because I had to pile the pooch, the baby and the husband in the car for a drive across Melbourne to an area I wasn’t entirely familiar with and hoping my GPS on my phone didn’t decide to have a rest half way through the trip. When it came to the day Missi (mischief) was actually really excited to go in the car, she sat in the back seat and didn’t move the entire trip – was totally chill. Same goes for the husband and baby both totally chill didn’t hear anything out of them AND the GPS behaved itself so I had no issues finding the place.

Mischief was so excited walking around the studio, she made herself right at home and was so comfortable. At this consultation we were talking about funny memories we have of Missy that could be incorporated into photos. We didn’t have any of her toys that she had as a puppy since she was little miss cheeky back then she either buried her toys or would tear the heads off and hump it (stuffed toys she liked humping headless – CREEPY).  We planned to have this photoshoot just with Missy originally but the photographer suggested we get Missy and our little lady photos since they were both our babies. She tried to get us to join in the photos but, no thanks we weren’t interested in getting our photo taken – a nice one of the kids (yes my dog is my kid) was good for me.


The night before the photoshoot I had arranged everything needed for the day; outfits, props and of course snacks. I was ready to go and felt prepared. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the horrific traffic the photoshoot day. The place was an hours drive on a good day but being that there was several horrible car accidents around my house (at peak hour) that caused the traffic to basically stand still. Also people are dumbasses when it comes to car accidents – they all have to stop and stare at a potential fatality.  So anyway I had to go on what felt like a drive that felt endless to the photography studio. Thank fuck my phone GPS kept up with the traffic conditions and sent me a longer way to the studio, but it did save me sitting in traffic for hours and hours. Despite the traffic drama we had made it to the studio only late by 1 minute (WINNING!).

Our photographer was absolutely AMAZING! How she could work a photoshoot with a dog and a small child that couldn’t sit still to save their lives was beyond me. Straight away I could tell that both Missi and my little one loved the camera and it became a bit of a fight between them to who would be the focal point in every photo. The little lady was so excited with all of the outfit changes and the fact she was having her photo taken that she was constantly wanting to have her photo taken and look at the photo after it was taken (I swear she’s 3 going on 16). But after a while she calmed down (cut up fruit snack helped) and began to cooperate with our photographer and began to play with Mischief for photos. The photos we had taken were really themed ones based on a few stories we had and just some because it would look great.

We of course had heaps taken of Mischief by herself with a plan white background – keeping it simple. Another look we went for was both the pooch and spawn were dressed up in Tutus, I chose this because Im an asshole. Actually I had originally planned to put miss in a nice sweater but unfortunately Kmart had sold out of the one I originally wanted so I found a tutu that would look cute on her. It was a bonus to that the little lady ha and endless collection on tutus to go with her any tiaras . once the tutu shots were taken we went up on the cruelty factor and put both the girls in princess dresses, they were dressed up as Elsa and Ana from Frozen. We went with this because they both are my princesses and I call them sisters. Strangely enough missi was happy to be in the Elsa dress, her tail was constantly wagging and she loved sitting and posing for photos. Because the hubs is a BIG San Fransisco 49ers fan I decided to put Missi in a 49ers football jersey (which Ive had for many many years from my San Fran trip) and the little lady holding a 49ers football. Yes we like American football,  the hubs likes American and Australian football, rugby and sooo much more sports (I actually prefer it over Australian football – I know I know BLASPHEMY) but I wanted to stick to NFL. This was fun to shoot with both the girls running around playing with the ball – it was adorable. It was pretty cute when the little lady threw the ball on the ground and screamed TOUCH DOWN!!

Our final photo was based on a story we had for when miss was only a puppy. When we were at our first place (many years ago) the hubs was eating a burger on the couch. Back then we had two couches in kind of an L shape. When he was eating his burger as he was about to put it in his mouth Missi had jumped from one couch to the other grabbing the burger mid air and managing to take off with his dinner. So with that story we had a great theme for many photos with putting a Hamburger Squeaky toy in photos it re-created that funny moment when our puppy was the Hamburglar.

After many photos were taken I had the option to view the photos from the day right then but after modelling both the pooch and child were over everything and just wanted to get home and rest. So I didn’t get to see the photos from the day, but I did schedule to go in one Saturday in a few weeks (She’s pretty booked up) to check out the photos and pick out the ones I want to buy.  I did catch a few glances on the camera as they were taken but I can’t wait to check them out in a few weeks.

Alright before I go guys I am well aware I do sound like a crazy dog lady with getting my dog a photoshoot. But I don’t care, it will be some nice framed artwork for my house. Stay tuned for the end results of the photoshoot in a couple of weeks time.



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