Melbourne’s CBD has an endless source of hidden bars that are set at any style. Hidden down Flinders Lane lives Trinket.


This place is definitely hidden, we caught the Uber to the front door but we didn’t see the sign straight away. We walked up and down until my dumbass looked up and saw the Trinket sign. The place looked closed with the doors shut up, with patterned class doors covering up any light coming from inside and covering up any sounds. I gave the doors a push to see how we’d go and what do ya know it was open!

Walking in this place, I felt under dressed. It was beautiful with its huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the first thing you see as you walked in. This themed bar delivers with a vintage feel to it, you’d think you were in the 1920s…..well I know I did. Up on the walls they are filled with old pieces ; candle holders, candle-lit sculptures, books and telephones (yeah Im talk old school shit with cords). It as if your going through grandmas house. When you walk through the bar you see a large wardrobe, you swear you’ve seen it before. It looks like the wardrobe that would take you to Narnia. If you are feeling adventurous you can open up the wardrobe and actually go through it to an underground cocktail bar, oh yeas this place has some secret entrances to it.

The bar staff, well. It is rare for me to be greeted so warmly as I enter a bar. The two girls behind the bar were so upbeat and positive when I entered and was ordering my drink. When looking through the menu (which has a large selection of cocktails, wine, beer, spirits, nibbles and cigars. YES CIGARS!) they could tell I was a little overwhelmed so they helped me out. I started off with a glass of rosé, with this I was unsure which rosé to order so they gave me a try of the two popular wines to help with my choice. After enjoying my glass (or two) of rosé I had read through the cocktail menu and felt confident to try one. I chose the PINA COLADA DAIQUIRI, I had to try it. It was one that the staff had agreed it was one of their top 5 favourites and I could see why. It was a nice subtle taste and not too overpowering. As if you just were drinking a mouthful of liquid sugar. I could have had heaps of these but I didn’t want to drink too many, because with cocktails that don’t taste like alcohol (but still have a decent amount in them) I tend to drink them as if they were water – which can be very dangerous. So I did go back to the wine of course.

When it came to leaving the bar we noticed there was two doors to chose from, so we went with the left door. We were greeted with the largest, creepiest Ballerina music box. Did scare the shit out of me when opening the door. At first I thought it was just something that comes out at night when the bar is busy, just as a decoration. But its actually a secret entrance to a cocktail lounge!

Going to this place late on a Saturday afternoon was great. There wasn’t a big crowd, actually there was only a few small groups of people so it was pleasant and laid back. I actually want to go back here and try some of the nibbles, unfortunately for me I was going out for dinner and it was cutting it too close to order any type of food. This place is defiantly a good place to go on a Saturday afternoon with a small group of friends for a chilled out couple of drinks. Ive included the website below for anyone whose a little curious to check it out….




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