Weird things you wonder….


While watching Barbie in Rupunzel Movie with the spawn (she’s into Barbie and princesses at the moment). I got to thinking about the Rupunzel story in depth. When I’m bored I tend to overthink things in movies and basically pick apart the film. So anyhoo while I was watching the movie it got me thinking of all of the Rupunzel films and books I’ve read/seen they all have the same thing in common. You never see any toilet in the tower.

Yep I went random! Rupunzel is always portrayed in a tower that appears to be one room, I get this was set back way before indoor plumbing but it got me thinking Where did she poop? Did the long ass hair cover up the mess or was she an absolute dick and turf the mess out of the window of the tower. Believe it or not I’m not stoned or have been drinking. This is what happens when I’m extremely bored. But really think about it you always see in illustrations or movies she is stuck in a tower in one room, with no way out where does she go to the BATHROOM?

Also, when I started going over the story in my mind (my twisted mind) I began to wonder…Why was she Prince Ready everyday? Im sorry but after the first week of being prince ready waiting for some random dude to show up to save me, Id say FUCK IT and just rock tracksuit pants and a messy bun (it would be one big messy bun) and when I hear him say “Rupunzel Rupunzel let down your golden hair” Id yell back “COME BACK IN 2 HOURS” so I can make myself looking like a maiden to save.

Well kids that’s a little adventure into my twisted mind.


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