Fathers Day Gift Ideas- for the lazy spawns

Righto kids, Fathers Day is approaching FAST! This day is always the most stressful day for me when it comes to looking for a gift for my dad. I never know what to fucking get him! Whenever I ask I always get a grunt followed by “oh whatever you get me is fine”. Don’t fall for that line by the way. ITS A TRAP! So Ive created a list of last minute gifts for dad this Fathers Day….

BOOZE  Now like a few of the other suggestions this gift has come up in a few other gift ideas posts. This one is fairly easy, just go to the nearest liquor store and get your dads favourite alcoholic beverage. Try to not go for the cheapest choice her guys (unless he only likes cheap alcohol), example if your dad like scotch don’t go for the dirt cheap kind try to spend a bit more for a decent bottle- but not a ridiculous amount of course.

GIFT VOUCHER Another easy gift idea! This was he can go to his favourite store and buy whatever his heart desires! What I have gotten my dad in the past is a Bunnings Warehouse (Home and hardwares store) gift voucher and he is absolutely over the moon he loves to go spend a fair amount of time in in the Home hardware store. Another idea for a voucher is a VISA gift card its a voucher you can use online and instore at any store because it acts kind of like a credit card- with only the amount you put on it.

BBQ TOOLS KIT Please for the love of god make sure your dad actually has a BBQ! These kids are pretty easy to find and the prices range from about $15 + depending on the quality and also how many tools you get in the pack. Usually just go for the simple pack otherwise a lot of weird Bbq cooking tools will be just taking up space.

CAR WASH KIT If your dad car is his pride and joy this would be a good gift for him to keep his car clean and still his pride and joy.

DIY DAD SHOW BAG This one can be fun you can make up a show bag with all dads favourite treats, toiletries, a mini bottles of alcohol and whatever else you want to put in it. You just have to get a big gift bag and fill it with goodies. If you want to put that bit more into it maybe make up a label saying DADS BAG or something like that to add that personal touch.

A FRAMED PHOTO OF HIS FAVOURITE CHILD (you) This one is always a meaningful gift for dad maybe try to get a nice frame and find a good photo of yourself for him to have. If you don’t have any nice photos (or appropriate photos to give your dad) you can always wrap a photo frame up and when he opens it tell him you will get a photo with him. It be a nice photo on Fathers Day with Dad and child or children if you want to include siblings…….

One big thing here guys try to avoid getting dad the same gift every year. Don’t keep buying him a BBQ kit because it will be pretty obvious that you don’t put any thought into his gifts. Don’t forget to add the card with the gift! 




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