Trying Kylie Cosmetics for the FIRST TIME

I admit it, Im not the biggest fan of the Kardashian/ Jenner girls. Its nothing personal I just never really got into their reality show so they kind of weren’t anything special to me. Don’t get me wrong I know a bit about them because nearly every article online or in magazines are pretty much about them and their lives- so I can’t escape them. Years ago when Kylie Cosmetics had first released I didn’t really care really. Lipstick/ lipgloss don’t care. So this line has never been a bleep on my radar, AT ALL.

So when my cousin had made up some purchases with Kylie, she had actually bought extras for me to try. If it didn’t like them she’d have them as extras (one for home one to go in her bag). So Ive heard mixed reviews about these from friends, some saying they are the best thing since sliced bread and others saying they can get better ones elsewhere. So I had got 2 nude coloured Matte Liquid Lipsticks (of course with liners). First of all, I usually own red/ plum lipsticks so this was a first for me. Second I tend to keep away from liquid Lipsticks at the fear that they tend to smudge a but and get everywhere. So she got the colours MALIBOO and KHLO$ (from the KOKO collection) for me to try. When she handed me the boxes she said take these home and give them a whirl these colours would look good with your skin tone. Have to admit the bitch was right ( she’s family we call each other bitch).

So I took these home to try out. When putting on these lipsticks they went on very smoothly and didn’t bleed all over my face they dried fairly quickly so I didn’t have to be paranoid about getting lippie all over the place. With some matte lipsticks I find that they dry out my lips and leave them looking dry and crusty as the day goes on. These actually stayed looking on point with no smudging at all or any dryness what so ever. I was pretty happy that while I was eating and drinking the lipstick didn’t come off only a tiny bit came off and I didn’t need to reapply nearly as much as I would normally have to with any other lipsticks Ive used normally. After the initial test runs at home – yes I was makeup-less in the comfortable clothes walking around the house with fabulous painted lips. Got a bit of a weird look from the mailman. I to the MALIBOO out for a test drive (with a full face of makeup and looking decent) out for a coffee date and was very happy with no lipstick going into my teeth and I did get compliments for my lipstick.

With trying these out and happy with the products I did end up contacting my cousin telling her that I had planned to keep these and that I was very happy that she had got these for me. She agreed that both of these were perfect shades and these were worth having.

After using these lip kits I do like them a lot and the colours are perfect for my skin. It hasn’t changed my mid about the Kardashian/ Jenner’s, Ill never get into the show I just can’t. But I will be defiantly checking out more of these liquid lipsticks  and making a few purchases. Good thing my cousin had bought these for me, I am behind with getting onto the Kylie Cosmetics wagon – but hey! Better late than never.



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