Overheard Stupidity

I thought I would share this little tale I encountered the other Friday while at STARBUCKS. So on Fridays I have a few hours to myself and I treat myself with a Venti Starbucks coffee at a shopping mall about 25 minutes away. Yes by Friday I need a big ass coffee to get me by. So this particular Friday I was really tired because of work and the spawn deciding she wants to rave at 2am til 2:30am then wake up at 5:30am. So I was really hanging for this coffee. So I arrived at Starbucks and realised that they had a bit of a line but it wasn’t to bad and it was moving fairly quickly.

When I was in line there was a woman and her daughter in front of me, the mum just looked like a moody biitch and the daughter was probable about 11/12/13 I don’t know she looked young but not to young. Well just say she was in her early teens. So the mum ordered her coffee then turned to her daughter and said “tell then what you want” the daughter then proceeded to tell them her order ” a white chocolate mocha frappuccino” . The order went through and they went on to wait for their order – I only remember the order because when I heard it I was contemplating getting it, because it sounded so dang good.

When it came to the staff yelling out the order the woman and her daughter collected their drinks and went and sat down… NO DRAMAS. Just as the staff were handing out more orders the woman stormed over with her daughters drinks and yelled “YOU GAVE MY CHILD COFFEE! WE DIDN’T ORDER THIS!”. The daughter trailed behind the mum looking as if the staff had stolen her innocence or something dramatic like that. The staff I was pretty shock how calm they were, but they asked what the order was and they were sorry if they mixed it up. The woman told them that her daughter had ordered a WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO. The staff I am so surprised they didn’t burst out laughing, then told her that Mochas are coffee and that they had made what was ordered. This woman you could tell didn’t want to admit that she was wrong because she had made a bit of a scene and didn’t want to look like a moron (I was already thinking it). So she was adamant that the staff were in the wrong and that a Mocha does not contain coffee.

By this time most of the staff had to stop what they were doing to try calm this woman down and try to explain to her what a mocha was. By the way because of this woman I was standing there waiting for my damn coffee listening to her bullshit. So the staff ended up saying well make you a new drink free of charge what do you want, the daughter (who was standing through all of this shit) then said “can I get a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino”. I MEAN SERIOUSLY! WHAT THE FUCK?! This is when I could tell the staff had started to loose their patience and told the girl “no that has coffee in it, do you want a white chocolate frappuccino?” and the girls said yes the staff made it before every other order – because they obviously didn’t want to deal with these two anymore (I don’t blame them). So the staff made up the drink and handed it over to these two and the woman ( who hadn’t said sorry at all) had to throw one last jab at the staff……..

“You need to change the signs to show what has coffee in it”

She then stormed off and all of the people who were waiting for their orders, me included. All seemed to be thinking the same thing “fucking idiot!” and all were giving each other the look, you know the look. The can you believe this woman  look. It blows my mind how people can be so nasty over something so stupid. ALSO what did she expect the staff to do when her daughter ordered the caffeine drink, act like its a bar and anyone under a certain age will be denied caffeine? NO! its not their responsibility to do so and this woman was right next to her….AHHH I’m getting irritated thinking about it. But anyway I got my coffee and could carry on with the day.



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