Weight Loss Coffee


Yes you read right my friends. WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE! In one of my late night online shopping sprees I came across an advertisement for coffee that apparently assisted with weight loss. SKINNY COFFEE CLUB. Of course I was sceptical. Over the years I’ve tried out many “weight loss teas/ coffees” that apparently would help you lose weight. But turned out to be liquid laxatives that made you feel as if you were on ecstasy. I mean sure they would make me drop a few KGs but it would just be water weight and it be only temporary – I could have saved money by buying a pack of laxatives. So with the list of benefits this coffee has it was intriguing:

  • 94% lost weight fast
  • 92% seen visible results
  • 97% had increased energy levels
  • 92% had an improved complexion
  • Free weight loss & exercise plan
  • 95% experienced a reduction in appetite
  • 96% maintained weight after weight loss
  • 97% reduced bloating fast
  • 99% said it tastes amazing!
  • 99% felt better in themselves

With all of the product reviews about the coffee on the site I thought hey why not try it, my wedding anniversary is creeping up and maybe dropping a few kilos wouldn’t hurt. So I purchased the 28 days supply of the Skinny Coffee Club Instant coffee. It took just over a week to arrive because it was coming from the UK, so it’s not too bad with timing. It really looked like black coffee, you have the option to put dairy free milk in it if your not too keen with black coffee – I just kept it black.


So for the first week I really stuck to my normal eating habits ( with the exception of some extra sugar due to being a female and that time of month approaching) and because I’m fairly active I didn’t add any extra workouts to my routine. So with the coffee all you do is drink one cup of the coffee in the morning and thats about it. The taste wasn’t too bad it just tasted like normal coffee, Im actually happy with that. I was worried that it would taste like watery coffee or be really bitter but it really just tasted like any instant coffee that I have in my kitchen.The first week I lost about 1/2 a kilo, which is good but really I didn’t follow the weight loss diet provided with the coffee so if I wanted to reach the level of results most of the reviews had I knew I had to follow the weight loss eating guide. The food guide wasn’t to dramatic to what I usually eat within a day so I didn’t have any issues following it – I usually don’t follow food guides well. I hate being told what to eat!

With the Skinny Coffee Club weight loss program I did lose weight, not a massive amount but I did loose some weight. Honestly this worked so well because I followed a weight loss meal plan for it, the coffee I reckon did help but I don’t really credit it for the over all results. For me if I wanted to lose a big amount of weight I wouldn’t rely on this because it does help but really eating healthy and regular exercise is what you need if you want to lose heaps of weight. If your reaching the end of your weight loss journey I reckon you could use this to help you push to those last few kilos. But don’t really follow what Im saying this is just my opinion – go to a professional who can tell you the steps. I didn’t show my results only because if say someone saw my before picture and Im portraying it as a negative, my before picture might be someones after picture so it would put them down. Anyway back to overall results my complexion didn’t improve and it didn’t change my energy levels. I think I will only buy this again if Ive had a holiday were i ate a lot of crap food and drank a lot and just need a re-boot once I get home. If you want to give it a try go for it, remember what may not have amazing results for one person may be fantastic for another. I’ll leave the link to the site below for you to check it out yourself.





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