Brown Brothers Winery

Brown Brothers has always been my favourite brand of wine. Every type of wine I have had the privilege of drinking I have absolutely enjoyed! It is the only brand that I love white, red and sparkling wine! So when the hubs surprised me with a weekend getaway to the Brown Brothers Winery for our wedding anniversary I was over the friggin moon!

The Brown Brothers Winery is located in Milawa, Victoria (Australia). Its about 2 1/2 hours (give or take depending on the traffic) from West Melbourne which of course is where I live. Milawa is only a small country town but it does have a few gourmet food stores. So enough about the surrounds lets get to the winery! The winery was only a 5 minute walk from my hotel which was PERFECT! We didn’t need to worry about how we were going to get to and from the winery. Walking up the driveway I’ve never been more excited.  I was getting all giddy and just ready to check the place out and of course drink some wine. Come on it been cooped up in a car for 2 1/2 hours seeing  a shit load of road kill on the road.

As we walked closer to the main part of the winery, what stood out to me was the relaxed outdoor setting for winery visitors to enjoy a glass (or bottle) in the great weather. The first thing I saw was an oversized chess board that always seemed to be busy (as if you wouldn’t want to play it) with tables under umbrellas surrounding it. It was a very sunny day but there was a lot of trees in the area so you could sit on the green grass under a tree and relax. Under the trees there was heaps of beanbags with side tables that looked so comfortable I wanted to live there.

Before we planned on having a seat with a glass of wine we decided to check out the Cellar Door to test some wines that we haven’t really tried before. There was a lot of new wine out that I was keen to try. We walked up to the counter and were greeted promptly by a smiling staff member who had handed us a checklist of all ranges of wine, and empty glass each and a bottle of water. We didn’t try every wine on the list we tried to stick to many wines that we knew would appeal to us. A majority of the wines we tried I actually liked and was pretty happy with. There was one wine (I won’t say which one) that I have been so eager to try over the last few months and I got to try it…….thank Fuck I didn’t buy it to try. It went straight into the spit bucket. Did not taste nice at all, for me. It was a little disappointing because i did have such high hopes but hey not everything a hit. After we had tried the wines we wanted to try we headed over to another counter were they had Brown Brothers Wine Jams. Yes you read right! WINE JAM! I tried all of them and they were all a hit I did stock up on jam for Christmas stocking stuffers for friends and family. The ones I got there Moscato and Strawberry Jam and Cienna and Cherry Jam ( that was my favourite…..I better buy some fresh scones). They did have a Marmalade, which I tried but Im not a fan of Marmalade so I didn’t enjoy it.

After testing all of the goodness in the Cellar Door (and slightly embarrassing the hubs)  we headed over sit down and enjoy the sun with a glass of wine. Well we weren’t in the sun properly with me being so damn pale I would have caught alight if I sat in the direct sun. There is a restaurant (Patricks Table) there if you wanted to eat a meal but its a more high end menu and Im not really into that……Im more into the deep fried when on holiday. So we just stuck to the wine bar and sat outside on the bean bags with a bottle of wine and some Macaroni Balls. Im still blown away with how pleasant it was just sitting there with a bottle of wine between us with the beautiful weather and no dramas at all. There was kids running around but they weren’t irritating or misbehaving, actually they were so well behaved. It freaked me out a bit.

We enjoyed a few bottles of wine and the Macaroni balls were freaking delicious!!! Ive actually never had them before so it was fairly life changing. All of the staff were so nice and didn’t seem judgey at all when I would go back to buy another bottle of wine for us. As it reached about 5pm we had to peel ourselves out of the beanbags and head on home to the hotel. I was planning on stealing one of the Brown Brother logo glasses because I wanted to take it home as a souvenir but because everyone was so bloody nice I felt bad with the thought of committing my first crime on such a nice place, so I left the glass. Thinking about it now I didn’t even look if I could buy one…..IDIOT!

This trip was amazing, it was relaxing and the weather really performed for us with perfect warm sunny days. The winery wasn’t over priced at all – seriously it was not expensive at all. I absolutely loved the fact this was a more laid back place with the outdoor settings with the over sized chess board and bean bags. It definitely  was a great place to enjoy a glass of wine with good company. I also liked the fact that this place was a little more family friendly with having a playground for the kids to play on- not that Id ever take my kid here, how could I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere if Im chasing after a terrorising three year old.  Ive left the information below if anyone would like to check them out.



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