Body Coffee

Coffee scrubs for your body is something thats been around for a few years now. Its basically coffee grounds mixed up with essential oils. Whats in the scrub tends to range from brand to brand. I have been using the same brand for many years now for my skin, FRANK BODY. Ive tried other coffee scrubs and non really compare to Frank. This stuff makes my skin feel so hydrated and the over all appearance looks amazing after just one go.

I first time I purchased it many years ago was really to try help reduce the cellulite on the back on my thighs. YES in vain! The cellulite and some small stretchies on my inner thighs from growth as a teenager. They weren’t so bad that its something that stopped me from wearing certain clothes but I did notice it and thought, Hey why not give this ago maybe reduce the appearance. So I tried the original scrub I figured best to start off with the original and if I like it maybe try the other ones. When I received the package in the mail (back then I could only buy it online, its now available in MECCA stores).  The packaging was nice and simple in a brown environmentally safe resealable bag (obviously they have had a bit of a makeover since then). I read through all of the information included – really it was what I had already read online.  All natural ingredients (Vegan and Cruelty Free) and it helped:

  • Reduce appearance of scars, stretch marks and cellulite
  • Fights Breakouts
  • Hydrates Skin

All of this looked good and using the scrub was nice and simple. All I had to to to make sure I could see consistent results was use it every 2-3 days and keep it to 1-2 handfuls per use.


Steps for Frank Body

1. Get nice and wet in the shower 

2. Once your skin is wet, cover your body in scrub.

3. Once your body is covered in the scrub  scrub in circular motions and focus on areas that want extra attention by scrubbing 

4. Rinse

I did use this for ages but, I did have to stop when I was pregnant. Being that it was all new to me and I was getting mixed information I steered clear of any caffeine. That included my precious body scrub. So I couldn’t use it throughout my pregnancy and also the first few months I was a walking food bar (breastfeeding). So I was fortunate I didn’t get any stretch marks from pregnancy, but because of pregnancy and afterwards my skin went to total shit. Lucky for me one of my lovely friends had actually bought me a supply of FRANK BODY scrubs to use once I felt brave enough to be around caffeine. After so long without it it was the most amazing feeling.

I have branched out and tried all of the other products available now from Frank Body. All of them I cannot fault. They have face scrubs and cleansers, moisturisers, lip scrubs, many different flavoured scrubs the list goes on. Besides the Original scrub my go to scrub is the Coconut Coffee Scrub. The smell is so good – Im a sucker for coconut scents. Seriously try this stuff out! Just remember it does make a mess in the shower, but really its easy to rinse away. Ive put the link below for you wall to check out the website and if your keen buy some yourself.


Frank Body



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