I got Botox!!

Yep! Total accident I was walking down the street and mysteriously tripped and fell onto a Botox needle multiple times on my face. Just kidding I booked myself in. Ive wanted this for a while and have been trying to work up the courage to do so. I researched the place to get it done and I knew were to get it done. I just had to woman up and do this shit!

I know I am only 30 this year but over the last few years I’ve gotten a bit self conscious about my face. Around my eyes especially because of the wrinkles that made me look tired and cranky – even if I had a great nights rest. It was getting me down and even while I was wearing makeup it was obvious and would bring me down. I thought I will try this because why not, its not permanent and whats the harm in trying it at least once to see how I feel about it . So anyway I thought I would share my little journey of having a bunch of needles put in my face. Enjoy.

Just before my appointment…..

HOLY SHIT! I’m really doing this. So freaking nervous! When filling out the forms in the waiting room I couldn’t write properly was crapping myself. I honestly am not sure why I was so scared, I don’t have any issues what so ever with needles. So its still strange I was so scared.

After the appointment….

SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK! I was worried about Nothing! Walking in the the nurse could tell I was a little scared, but she was so sweet and sat down with me and discussed what we could do – she didn’t try to talk me into anything that I didn’t want she just wanted to make sure I left happy. After we discussed what I would get and what I could get later on down the track she talked about after care and potential side effects to look out for.

So what I ended up getting was botox around my eyes, just above my eyebrows and on my frown lines (which is on my forehead between my eyebrows). This would help me look a bit more refreshed and get rid of my lines. She set up the needles with her back to me so I didn’t see them and panic, we then got into it. The second she put the first needle in my head I felt like an absolute idiot. It felt just like some little fingers were flicking me in the face, didn’t hurt at all. After she had completed the procedure looking in the mirror I had a few red spots which didn’t worry me i just had needles in my face, of course I was going to have those.

After my appointment I headed to my car it was only a few minutes waling there, but by the time I got in the car and checked out my face the red spots had gone and you couldn’t tell I had anything done. I still had movement in my face I did have a slight headache a few hours later but it was easy managed with some Panadol and loads of water.

The Next Day……

Woke up still able to make facial expressions, was laughing a lot with the hubs making loads of botox jokes (a lot of dirty ones) at my expense. Thought throughout the day my skin started to feel a bit tighter in places and I started to be more aware when trying to scrunch up my face that it was starting to become a little harder. It kind of was like when Im tired and everything seems a bit of an effort. Probably not the best way to describe it really but its the closest way. I did notice that my face started to look a little more refreshed but that was just me noticing it .

A Week Later…..

Well, I look more refreshed and the fine lines that used to live around my eyes and in between my eyebrows and reduced significantly. I have had a decreased amount of movement in areas of my face were I had the botox but its not like what you see on TV were you loose ALL feeling in your face. Some people have noticed a change in my face and have actually told me they were wanting to get it done too because I made it look like it was not a terrible procedure to get. I SOLD THAT SHIT!

I was pretty happy I didn’t end up with loads of bruises all over my face (which can happen with some people) but , It was around day 4 I noticed I had a slight bruise in between my eyebrows, it wasn’t a huge black bruise it was one of those light yellow ones so it wasn’t too obvious unless you were so close to my face. Fortunately enough with the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday I stayed at home. Mainly because it was pouring down rain and it kind of snuck up on me so I didn’t get any chance to plan anything.


Above Photo: slight yellow bruise in between eyebrows…….god i wish I wasn’t tired as fuck I might not look like such a stoner – thank the dog down the street for barking all night and keeping me awake, ASSHOLE!

My Overall Thoughts…..

Alright, so this is my personal opinion. I didn’t have any issues with getting botox at all, would I get it again? Sure. Do I recommend it? Yep for some people…..BUT. These are big buts. Make sure you do your research, make sure you go for a proper clinic that has professional staff e.g.: nurses, doctors (do not! go to one of those nail salons that do it as an extra), remember to ask the staff loads of questions at your consultation and lastly remember this isn’t permanent so if its not for you it will wear off in a few months. People I don’t recommend this to are young people, I am aware that you can use botox to prevent wrinkles but seriously guys if you are under 23 and thinking about getting botox…….YOU ARE CRAZY! Enjoy your beautiful skin, if I hear another young woman say to me ” Ohhhh Im so wrinkly……Im 22″. Bitch! I will karate chop your ass then run like the wind because I don’t want to stick around for a retaliation.

Well thats enough for today….




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