Too Faced Sweet Smell of Christmas Matte Lipsticks

For a while now i’ve stayed clear of Matte lipsticks/liquid lipstick only because I had a somewhat bad experience with one. It was from a high end brand (not going to name the brand) and it was a beautiful colour. But when I used it I found that it would dry out my lips really really bad (you know to the point it would leave chunks on your lips) and would just look disgusting. It also would smudge on everything it wouldn’t take much to move the lipstick. You’d think with it getting so dry on my lips it would stay, NOPE! So yes  I stayed away from Matte lipsticks for a while, that is until I tried my luck with the Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid lipsticks and my faith in Matte lipsticks was restored.

Being as Christmas is coming up a lot of holiday products are being released, one of which being the the Too Faced, The Sweet Smell of Christmas matte liquid lipsticks set. I do like Too Faced products, with everything I’ve bought from them I can’t fault so to me they can’t do no wrong. I recently received a matte liquid lipstick sample from them when making a big order from MECCA. I actually loved the lipstick it didn’t move and it didn’t dry my lips and make them look disgusting. So I was on the lookout for some matte liquid lipsticks from them and then I came across their holiday collection. Straight away I was sold 4x liquid lipsticks All colours I would wear. I admit Im not very adventurous with lipsticks I prefer to go towards very neutral colours and reds. Which actually works out good for Christmas with parties and events. So of course I bought the set.

Because I didn’t want to venture out into the world with the Christmas crazies I just waited until it arrived in the mail. Didn’t wait to long so I was happy. First of all when I opened up the box from MECCA, holy crap they put in the extra touch in their online deliveries! I opened up my delivery box to find a shiny rainbow box, it was like a gift, it was so beautiful – This wasn’t even the products packaging this was from the store! So once I got through the tissue paper (I most likely will use this box for wrapping a Christmas gift for someone) I got to the Too Faced box. Its a very cute packaging with all of the Christmas stockings hanging off of the top. I do like all of the Too Faced Packaging its very girly and its very sweet.


So lets get to the Liquid lipsticks. The lipsticks were all different flavours with different scents, to go with the Christmas theme. The different scents/colours consisted of: Pumpkin Spice, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Bear and Hot Buttered Rum. All of these had there on individual designs on the lipsticks lid that reflected the flavour. I actually saw online someone had reviewed the lipsticks as not really a good match fro people with pale skin, I couldn’t disagree more. I have very pale skin and a lot of lipsticks tend to work against my skin and make me look like I’m the living dead or that I have no lips at all, you know just doesn’t suit me. This is the first time I have gotten a pack of lipsticks were all of the colours actually work with my skin tine and that I actually like. So trying out each one they scents for each lipstick smelt so delicious I was so close to eating them, they smelt soo amazing.


Go check these out in your closest cosmetics/skincare store try them out on your skin to see if they suit you (don’t put testers on your lips like some weirdos do- highway to herpes town). They are a good combination of day and night shades and will mix in well with Christmas celebrations. The only problem I have with these is now I have to decide what one I’m wearing to what event – errr Dramaaaaaaa.



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