So the second Halloween was done and dusted a lot of food/drink places started shoving Christmas products in our faces. I noticed in my weekly trip to Starbucks they had advertised a number of Christmas drinks that they have released for the holidays and I thought why not give all of them a go and see if I can have a special Christmas drink as a treat every year. I am trying to broaden my horizons with my coffee and not stick to the same order I get everywhere I go. Of course I did wait until December to try these out in order to get into the Christmas spirt of things.

So I have a few to try out and I am a bit excited. I do love Gingerbread and mint, so  a lot of things with a Christmas theme to them usually contain one of these flavours. I started with a cold drink being as in Australia its summer at Christmas maybe a cold one might be the go. I tried the Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks (that was a mouthful when trying to order it through drive through). Ive tried cold brew before and I didn’t mind it, it didnt taste like a syrup milk drink that most likely will give you the shits (has to be said it most likely would do it) so I was pretty sure this couldn’t really go wrong with taste. Before I bought the drink I wanted to go on the Starbucks website just to see a bit more about the drink and this is what the description was:

“Our slow-steeped, super smooth Cold Brew gets dressed up for the season with a splash of spice thanks to a float house-made gingerbread sweet cream. Cheerfully Refreshing!”

OOOOOOOOO this sounds intriguing to try doesn’t it. They were right this was a very refreshing beverage. It honestly just tasted like a cold brew with some slight spices flavour added (like the description mentions) which was pretty pleasant. It wasn’t overly sweet and sickening and I love the fact it wasn’t too milky. So when drinking it it only had a small amount put in it. I am already planning to getting it again next week, I think I liked how it wasn’t too over the the top with taste and I didn’t feel like my teeth were going to fall out after one sip. I think this will be great when I want a coffee and its a 40°C day and I want a coffee but don’t want people looking at me like I’m absolutely insane for buying a hot drink on a hot day. Seriously people have told me Im crazy for drinking coffee on hot summer days.

Seriously give this drink a try, if your not a person who like overly sweet milky drinks try this!





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