Alright, ROUND 2 with trying out Starbucks Christmas beverages. The first drink I tried I did like so when I looked up my next coffee tasting adventure I came across the Holiday Spice Flat White. The following taken from the Starbucks AU website describes the drink:

“Freshly drawn shots of espresso dance together with sweet, warm holiday spices and soft citrus undertones of tangerine essence. An Aussie coffeehouse classic with a heartwarming Christmas twist.”

This did intrigue me, because Christmas is in summer (well in Australia it is) you kind of want to move towards a more fruity taste in your drinks. Its always a struggle with me considering I don’t really drink those Frappes with the fruity flavour, so I wouldn’t actually mind coming across a coffee with a bit of a fruity undertone to it. OOOOOO thats an idea maybe an orange and spice coffee (its probably already been done) I remember having a tea once that was orange and spices and it was so delicious and wasn’t too overpowering with taste. If it hasn’t been done and you run a coffee shop theres an idea right there kids.

Anyway back to the beverage, I was hoping this would, be a completely different flavour. You know something that you haven’t really tasted ever before. I was a bit disappointed not going to lie. When taking my first sip its really just tasted like a chai latte, it really did. Which made me wonder if they just re-packaged a chai latte as a christmas beverage. But I continued on drinking it because i really wanted to taste a bit of tangerine with this drink. After I had a few more sips of my latte I did get a very very slight aftertaste of something, I wouldn’t say it really tasted a lot like a tangerine aftertaste or really any undertone – I can’t really put my finger on it but it wasn’t tangerine. So the drink wasn’t bad in itself, it was sweet – so anyone who likes sweet hot drinks would like this. I think i was hoping for a kind of new flavour than the standard flavours that come with coffee, you know – cinnamon, chocolate, caramel etc. I wanted it to be a mixed up you know something different and outside of the box.

I was looking for a really WOW factor drink but, it fell flat for me. Oh well I tried it, not a fan, movin on. I have one more drink off of the Christmas menu Im going to try and I am nervous as fuck about trying it. Stay tuned….




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