So this is it! The final beverage that I will be trying out in my Christmas beverages from Starbucks. Timing is perfect because the malls are CRAZYYYY. Seriously everyone seems to be so aggressive at the moment I’m terrified I’m going to get slapped in the face for being ahead of someone in line. Anyhoo this drink I’ve been curious to try, the Eggnog Latte. Ohh yeah finishing up my Christmas coffee adventures with a bang.

I have never tried Eggnog, I’ve been curious for a while now and I’ve seen it in so many movies as a boozy drink or a virgin drink either way I was curious to try it. I figured i should be ok with this since it’s a coffee it might taste nice, i am a bit skeptical about Eggnog tasting nice because err I can’t imagine an eggy drink being all that tasty. But on the other hand it’s been in so many movies as the go to Christmas drink I’m assuming it shouldn’t be too bad. When I ordered this I did go a small size because I wanted to make sure that if it tasted like shit I could just toss the coffee. When ordering my latte they offered to put whipped cream on my drink – of course I said no. I don’t know if its just me but I just find it a bit weird having whipped cream on top of my hot coffee, on a cold drink sure that sounds reasonable but on a hot drink…..bit weird. I don’t know maybe its just me.

Getting back on track with my coffee adventure (no more whipped cream talk), anyway. I did look online at some other peoples reviews on the latte and a lot of people said it smelt like a normal latte with a faint smell of eggnog. Maybe it was mine but it didn’t have a latte smell, it had a strong spiced smell – not the same to the other drinks thats Ive tried. When trying it it tasted very creamy, almost a bit sickening (how the fuck could anyone have cream on it?! that much milk and cream would make anyone run to the toilet) I did taste a hint of nutmeg in the drink. I’m glad I did go for the smaller sized drink because it was so sugary sweet. Ill have to clear this up with everyone, I do like sweet drinks obviously because I enjoy cocktails and sweeter wine. BUT, I don’t like when dairy and sweet are together it feels so overpowering and makes me feel BLEH. Sorry thats my only way to describe it.

So this is how I felt only having a few sips of my eggnog latte. I didn’t enjoy it. I actually threw out my coffee – which is a rare thing for me. A coffee has to taste really horrible for me to toss it, so that speaks volumes. I am glad I finally got to try and eggnog drink, now I can say I have tried eggnog. I know its not REAL eggnog but its most likely going to be the closest Im going to get. After trying this I have no real desire to go out and buy a carton of it from the supermarket.

So this wraps up my coffee testing adventures with Starbucks Christmas Beverages. There are more but as its almost christmas I’m not that crazy to go out to the shopping mall and deal with angry people rushing around getting their last minute gifts. But anyway this was a good little experiment for me trying to branch out from my normal plan ass coffee order. Its always good to try out new things.



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