Well it’s here, Christmas Eve. The time of year when everyone allows a fat guy in a red suit to break into your place. So tomorrow is going to be Christmas, obviously. My kid is going to leave a glass of water and cookies tonight- she said no milk too much make you poo……obviously seen what happens when her dad drinks copious amounts of strawberry milk in one go. She didn’t buy into my suggestions for her to leave wine and cheese out for Santa this year though, the kid saw right through me with that one. DAMMIT!

But I thought I’d wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Tomorrow when celebrating the holiday enjoy it and don’t be one of those people that worries about how much calories are in every item of food/ beverage. I know I won’t give two shits, I’m planing on slamming loads of meat and roast veggies. Anyway enough about my glutenous self…..


Merry Christmas!



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