The Caravan Cocktails

Every year since he was a baby, my husband has gone down to a caravan park with his family from Boxing Day until a few days after New Years. At the beginning of our relationship I would join him but as the years went on the novelty ran out and I just wouldn’t go. Not really my idea of fun. The beach was only a minute or two walk away which was good, but the whole caravanning with the in-laws….. it just was something I wasn’t into. Since I stopped going my husband would only go for a few days and we would spend New Year’s Eve together back at home. This year unfortunately I was tricked into going (sly bastard!). I did manage to only make my stay a short one, but it did mean I had to stay there on New Years Eve. SHIT!

So for new years eve I was give the task to create up some punch bowls for the adults to enjoy. So I made up two punch bowls for the celebration (I actually went out and bought a much bowl to look all fancy shmancy) obviously I made them one at a time just so I knew I didn’t really waste a lot of booze/juice/soda. I didn’t fill up the bowl at the risk of everyone not liking it and were stuck with a bucket full-O-crap so I kept it half filled – plus i did have to transport that bowl from the caravan outside and knowing my I most likely would have spilt that shit all over the place.

The first punch bowl I kept more of a fruity flavour to it, couldn’t go wrong really since it is summer and usually the best cocktails are more fruity. While the second I kind of mixed up the fruit tingle recipe – well I’ll be honest we didn’t have any raspberry cordial (the fucking ants got to a lot of our food and drinks) so it wouldn’t have worked so I just worked with what I had…


Fruity Delicious

700ml Pineapple

2lt Lemonade/ Sprite

750ml Peach Schnapps

750 ml Coconut Rum

1/2 cup Midori

Empty all ingredients into a punch bowl and enjoy!


I’ll Just Roll with It

Bitch can’t Make a Fruit Tingle cocktail

700ml Vodka

350ml Blue Curacao

1.25Lt Creamy Soda

2Lt Lemonade

Pour all of the ingredients in the punch bowl and stir together.



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