Straw-melon Prosecco Popcicles


What could be better than enjoying a wine-popcicle (I call them icey-poles but I gave up on the fight with my computers auto spell) in summer with your feet dangling in a swimming pool. Ive had these popsicle holders for a while now I bought them from Kmart a few years back and I’ve made a few popsicles with soft drink and some with fruit but they never really get eaten. So I wanted to make ones that I new the adults would enjoy. These holders aren’t very big, they are a bit small but its a good site to enjoy one or two popsicles rather than have one and be over it before you finished it. As per usual I kept it nice and simple for you all….give it a go.



1/2 Cup Strawberries Sliced

1/2 Cup Watermelon Sliced up

1 Cup Prosecco

  1. Put the fruit in the blender, add a small amount of the prosecco (to help it mix up – those bastard blenders need liquid to blend)
  2. Once the fruit in mixed up into a puree (boozy baby food – well mushy adult food), add prosecco and stir with a spoon.
  3. Once all combined, pour the liquid into the popsicle holders and add the sticks
  4. Let freeze overnight, then enjoy.

* This is based off of the individual holders I had, they could fit about 70mls of liquid in them. I did have a small amount of liquid left over – which really isn’t the end of the world, you can drink it and its just like a cocktail.



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