Arcades and Cocktails


Located in the heart of the CBD, within Melbourne Central lives B. Lucky & Sons. Walking inside the bar the first thing I noticed was that it first appeared to be a pawn shop. But as I ventured further inside I was greeted by the bright lights of the arcade games and the bar staff creating cocktails.

I do like playing arcade games and places like this I don’t come across often. Usually I find places that have arcade game and happen to have a bar as well, but it’s usually targeted at families. This place while small has a lot to offer. With games on one side and a bar with inside and outside seating it’s just perfect for people who want to kick back and have a little fun one afternoon. Of course I started of my little adventure playing some of the games with a glass of wine, I didn’t want to have a cocktail while playing the game since I won’t give it the attention as Id be too into the games. As well as the standard classic cocktails they also have bubble cups cocktails and can cocktails which I actually enjoyed they were so tasty you wouldn’t know they had any alcohol in them. With these cocktails they do put a lot of effort into the appearance swell as the taste – one of the bubble cups came with a little panda toy on the top which was cute.

We enjoyed the cocktails outside. The outside area is pretty well shaded so if your like me and burn really easy your safe here. This is a different place to go if you just want to have a few drinks and you enjoy arcade games. By the way with the games you get your winning tickets on a card so then you can get a price from  your tickets before you leave – BONUS! Seriously check it out its right in Melbourne Central so you can go shopping before or after your visit and its right near a train station and trams stops  so there is loads of public transport near you. Below is the link to the Melbourne location of B.Lucky and Sons so you can take a look yourself.

IM OUT!!!!


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