Well its happened again….Ive reached another Birthday. I am 31 – I am not officially in my 30’s! So naturally I needed to celebrate the day of my birth. Obviously I wasn’t going to have a big extravagant celebration like I did last year. So I went for brunch. We went to a place just out of the heart of the CBD, right near Chapel Street.

I wanted to go to a place that really caught my eye when in my search for a place to go to brunch. The House of Lulu White did so. Straight away when seeing the photos online I was roped in with the beautiful pink walls and just overall decor. What also caught me was the Bottomless Brunch that they had to offer. Of course they do offer breakfast and lunch….but I was here for one thing.  Because it was only the two of us we didn’t need to make reservations for a table and being that my birthday happened to fall on a Friday AND on one of the hottest Melbourne days in years (44ºC!!! AWESOME). So anyway after our UBER dropped us off we entered the air conditioned House of Lulu White and were greeted by friendly staff. We were seated as far away from the door as possible so we were in a very comfortable temperature inside.


We of course started off with our coffee, because I need a coffee in the morning – yes I will drink hot coffee on the hottest day because I am  lunatic. We then began our Bottomless Brunch. Which was $35 Per Person, for 90 minutes of bottomless Mimosas, Espresso Martinis and Bloody Mary’s . The staff member had recorded the time we started to make sure that we had as much as possible to enjoy our experience. I kid you not these staff members were attentive in keeping our Mimosas glasses filled. Along with our Mimosas they offered us to have a side cocktail as well. Our first side cocktail was Sangria.

I love my Sangrias, white or red they taste amazing. I have had my share of crap Sangrias made for me and have been left disappointed in spending the money on a shit cocktail. Here I had a great one! it wasn’t too overly sweet and it tasted like a great fruit juice. I didn’t feel like I was just drinking wine with fruit chunks in it at all, I enjoyed it so much. Our next side cocktail was the Espresso Martini. This infamous cocktail has had me intrigued for years, everyone I know enjoys these and are constantly raving on about them. I mean it does sound appealing coffee and booze…..a perfect pair! Whats held me back from trying this cocktail sooner is the fact Im not overly fond of milky alcoholic beverages. But this day I was ready to try this bad boy out. So  when the Martini came over it basically looked like a latte. It tasted nice, just really like an iced coffee. I did stick to one- I am glad I tried it but it wasn’t a good idea to mix Espresso Martinis and Mimosas on a hot day.

Now the food, the food was something else. Whenever Ive gone out for breakfast Ive always had menus that have basically the same thing and was pleasantly surprised with this unique menu with a few twists. The hubs got Buttermilk Fried Chicken w’ Waffles, Maple, Nahm Prik, Coriander. I got to try some and the chicken surprised me a lot- I bit into the chicken kind of expecting a pice of KFC chicken, but when i bit into it it tasted like some chicken from a Chinese restaurant (DELICIOUS). I kind of went a bit simple and got the omelette of the day, which was the Spinach, Feta and Mushroom omelette with a side of Sourdough. This was a well made omelette it was big but it didn’t feel impossible for me to eat I enjoyed it and definitely felt satisfied – they didn’t skimp out on the spinach, mushrooms or feta they made sure it wasn’t too over/under filled.

Of course this post is a bit delayed (my birthday was on the 25th Jan… delayed)  I had a few technical difficulties. But anyway I did enjoy this place the staff were unbelievable so check this place out. Both the food and drinks were perfect and we definitely had our moneys worth! This was a great Birthday and I really enjoyed The House of Lulu White. I think I like brunch, now I know what everyone is raving about! Ive left the link below for everyone to check out.



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