Well Easter/Good Friday is creeping up and all of the Eater products are out in force – well technically all of the Easter shit has been out since December 26! But anyway I do like to enjoy Hot Cross Buns around Easter and by that I mean the week of otherwise eating that many in the lead up would just be over kill. Now when I say I like hot cross buns i mean the traditional fruit ones. NOT those stupid chocolate hot cross buns! We have chocolate eggs – we don’t need to add anymore chocolate to the celebration! I like the traditional buns they are the best and the original. So in the lead up to Good Friday I thought hey why not try Hot Cross Buns flavoured treats….


These I was pretty curious about. I mean there aren’t really any flavours of M and Ms that Ive tried that I didn’t like. So I was fairly confident that they would taste pretty good.  The Colours they had were obviously to look like they were hot cross buns flavoured – but when looking at them they kinda looked like coffee. I think the colours just reminded me of coffee m n ms (Or I was really in need of a latte). These tasted nice and I did eat the whole bag – yes I’m a pig! They had the spices that go into a hot cross bun but I kinda felt like I was eating small chocolate flavoured hot cross buns. I think that if your a big fan of the chocolate flavoured buns go for these, but if your more into the traditional ones these won’t be your jam. But if your a big M n Ms crack head and never really have any issue with the flavours GO NUTS!!!img_9339

Ok so this ice cream caught my eye one day at the supermarket sculking through the freezer section looking for good ice cream on special. In my mind when buying this I thought for some reason it would be a lot similar to a doughnut ice cream I’ve had that had chunks of doughnuts in it (it was amazing!!). But instead of doughnut, hot cross bun. I admit without actually looking at the damn tub before eating some of it, I realised that there was cookie dough mixed in with the ice-cream swell as sultanas which was pretty good. But a surprise because I didn’t read the tub – like an idiot. The ice cream was good, adding the sultanas in it was great swell as the cookie dough. BUT. I felt that it kind of tasted a lot like gingerbread ice cream with sultans in it. As if it was just re-labeled christmas ice cream (probably was). The ice cream itself wasn’t bad at all I just felt it tasted a lot like gingerbread ice cream.

So I tried these hot cross bun flavoured sweets…..I suggest just going to buy the actual buns instead. I am curious if any other country celebrates Good Friday with hot cross buns. I know you eat fish on Good Friday (thats why every open fish and chip store has a line out the door) but I want to know if any other country has hot cross buns? I have never seen anyone outside of Australia make these or eat them.

IM OUT!!!!




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