Easter Tips

Easter really isn’t a holiday I really care about, I did as a kid (of course, sugar!). But as Ive gotten older the whole holiday I really just want it over with. BUT, having said that I do have a spawn who loves the idea of Easter I kind have to jump on board with celebrating it. So Ive put together a list of tips to get you into the Easter spirit.


New Drink ware: Glasses over this holiday is a big no no. Everything you drink must be drank out of an Easter egg (it’s eastery)

New Diet: forget keto or clean eating, your on the EASTER DIET now. This involves Easter eggs, hot cross buns and fish on Friday.

Sharing love: Make sure when you are spending time with family….that you bring everyone an Easter egg. Especially the small children to pump them up with sugar and watch the craziness unfold

Bring your Crazy: Because all of the stores and supermarkets close (well most stores) on Good Friday, make sure you go out on the Thursday and act like its your last day on earth- running through stores frantically shopping. Because one day with everything closed is chaos.

im a bunny dahhhh

New Look: At one point leading up to Easter make sure you wear bunny ears and a cotton tail to let everyone know that Easter is coming. Its a bonus if your holding a basket of chocolate eggs. These ears and tail can later be used as a playboy bunny costume at halloween.

One last thing; if people start criticising you for drinking too much wine at Easter let them know that wine is given to you in church therefor its a religious drink. Your drinking a religious drink on a religious holiday and you want to be religious as fuck to make Jesus happy.




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