My Hair Makeover

I admit I have had many hair colours in my lifetime and for the last few years Ive just been blonde. Part of the reason Ive kept it the same was because one; whenever I would colour my hair a brunette or ombre colour (any shade) it would without a doubt throw to a copper/ginger colour within two weeks after getting it done. I do love the look of red hair and I envy anyone who has it. My daughter has red hair and its a beautiful colour. BUT. But when my hair throws red it doesn’t look nice and suit with my skin colour (don’t ask me why it doesn’t match I see many pale red heads) and I end up looking like Satan’s turd. So I stayed blonde.

It was recently I just thought FUCK IT, and decided to do something different with my hair. My hair has been long and light blonde for a while now let’s shake it up. Well the colour that is. I had to have my hair cut because the ends had gone to shit and I looked like some minghag with three hair extensions tapped to her head. So the cut was the first part then I moved onto the colour. I decided why not purple, the spawn loves purple and I could say I’m a mermaid and her mind would be blown (I might be, I can swim pretty decent and my thighs just love being so close).

When getting my hair transformed I did have to have it bleached all over just to make sure that the colour really stands out and looked clean. My plan was for a pastel colour so it would look subtle and not too in your face. I didn’t want it to scream PURPLE! So after the bleach we applied the purple to my hair… didn’t take as easy as we originally thought it became a lot like a toner rather than an overall colour so we had to go a little darker than planned to make sure the colour survived after one wash. After we had rinsed out my hair and dried it, I admit the first time I saw it I thought “oh fuck what have I done”. But after the initial shock I became more and more in love with it. The way my hair ended up was really unique (well to me it was), it had kind of multi levels of colour with some white foils. My hair didn’t look flat with just one colour.

After every wash the colour does fade a bit (like any hair colour) but each time it’s a different shade of purple – which I love. I really love my hair and it’s strange (and probably a bit cliche) but I actually feel a lot more confident with my new hair. I actually thought I’d become more introverted with this hair thinking everyone was saying something negative about it but I actually feel the opposite. I want to show it off and strut myself and swing my hair around as if I’m in a shampoo commercial. I think maybe I’ll keep it purple for a while it’s made me more confident and it also makes me look like I have a little colour in my face (look less dead). The change up is what I needed and I just love the colour. This is probably the only time that I am not fussed about the colour gradually washing out of my hair every time I wash it because every time Im curious to see the new shade it will be.



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