Finding that Perfect Face Mask….

Im on a quest to find a face mask that actually does what it promises and I’m searching for a mask that I could use while on long haul flights since I have a few planned this year (don’t worry those adventures will be shared). The mask search has also come just in time for Mother’s Day, maybe a little extra to put in with mums gift.

YES TO – vitamin C Glow Boosting Paper Mask

$5.99 AU

Priceline Pharmacy

This mask I was a little nervous with trying out after reading the back mentioning a tingling effect. I was worried the tingling would feel a lot like burning as it’s happened before. So what I did was after I washed my face I put the mask on for 10 minutes. Remove and moisturise.

So opening the mask, the smell wasn’t to spectacular. I was expecting a kind of sweet scent- it smelt a lot like chemicals. Not a good smell. Lucky it wasn’t to strong so I could live with it. Putting it on was fairly easy and I didn’t rip the mask (I most likely would) and applying it to my face wasn’t to bad it stuck and didn’t move. It 2 minutes into putting on the mask my face started to get a tingling/ burning feeling. Not painful enough for me to worry about a layer of my face being burnt off. According to the packaging if it’s tingling that means it’s working. After the 10 minutes we’re up I removed the mask, my face felt sticky to touch and felt a lot like I was a bit sunburnt( but my face wasn’t hot to touch- if that makes sense). My skin was also a little red so I thought I’d judge how it looked the next morning….

THE NEXT MORNING…my skin lost the sticky feeling and did look brighter like the packaging had promised. But the results personally weren’t too spectacular to me, my skin didn’t feel smoother or softer and the results only really lasted a day – the next day it went back to normal . Im sorry but if i get any mask I want the results to last more than a day. Saying that this was a cheaper mask and you really get what you pay for.

GARNIER SKINCARE – Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask


$4.95AU (I paid $2.69 on Sale at Chemist Warehouse)

Priceline/ Chemist Warehouse/ Most Supermarkets (available at a lot of stores)

This mask I have seen around for a while now. In stores and a lot of “influencers”/ You tubers seem to use it (or sponsor it). I had to see what the hub bub was all about. Garner is an ok brand with skin care, Ive got it when I’m desperate and my back up brands are not available. So I was a bit unsure about how this would go. It of course wasn’t too expensive and when on really easy – there was some weird holes on the side I’m not sure if they were for your ears so you hook the mask around your ears but still they seemed odd. The mask was good I put the mask on left it on for 15minutes and it was done. Of course slightly sticky but after the product settled in it was fine.

I honestly was pleasantly surprised with this mask, my skin felt so hydrated and really refreshed and you could see the results days after. After I used it a few days later when I put makeup on (I don’t wear makeup everyday – Im a hot mess most days) I found that my makeup sat really nice on my skin and looked a lot brighter. This mask I probably will use again if my skins starting to go rat shit again and needs a little burst of life.

TATCHA – Luminous Dewy Skin Mask


$18.00 AU


This mask I was excited to try since I’ve heard so many people raving about TATCHA products and I’ve actually sampled a few and they were amazing! This mask was a bit pricey for one mask ($18). When opening the mask I did notice a lot of product in the packaging with the sheet mask, which I loved because of this mask was hydrating I would definitely use the leftover product over the next few days afterward. Opening up the sheet and putting it on was easy like the other masks, the smell was ok it really just smelt like face wash nothing really scented.

I put the mask on for 15minutes and once done removed it. At first my face was slightly sticky but after the product had dried on my face it had gone. This was a good mask my skin did few hydrated and smooth for days afterwards. It looked refreshed. I did like this mask don’t get me wrong my skin felt amazing and did exactly what it said it would do…BUT the only thing that’s a bit off putting is the price. It’s a bit much for just a sheet mask. But saying that it is from a High end skin brand so really it should be expected. This might be a splurge here or there if you feel like a pamper session or a great gift to go with making up a pamper pack.

Ive just scratched the surface in my quest for the perfect face mask. But here is a little start, if anyone has any recommendations shoot me some love and let me know which one floats your boat and I could try out. But Im determined to find this perfect mask.


IM OUT!!!!


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