The Moving Chronicles

Just as we had a game plan for the next two years, something comes and throws a spanner in the works. Due to both my husband and I becoming self employed for almost a year we had planned to stay in our house until July 2020 so we would be able to buy our next house with two financial years worth of earnings to keep the bank happy. We did try to see if we could buy a place because it’s not the money that’s the problem but the fact that we have to show two financial years worth of income to prove our business is steady.

So my plans went out the window very quickly (fuck!!). So after a day of being a pissed off brat (yep I had an adult tantrum) we hit the rentals ads and started searching for our new place. Sure there’s nice places and I should be excited to move into a new space but the moving process is so painful. The packing and changing everything over plus waiting for weeks for the internet to be set up (which I need for work as well as other things) . So its a stress I just hate.

So back to the new place search; we had received our 60 Days notice from our landlord/ realestate on the 14th of May, our landlords told us as soon as we find a place we can give 2 weeks notice and be out no worries. So we got on it pretty quickly and went and saw 4 places on the Friday. The first we thought was ok but the second was amazing! So much space! Oh it was filled with so much storage space too I could start up my own storage porn site. Sorry I’m a weirdo. The last two were umm well they were over priced shit holes. To put it nicely. I get were looking at rentals but my god these were the strangest houses I mean the yards were literally dirt- it was seriously dirt with a wash line plopped in. The design was strange that in the bedroom you had to shut the door to get to the wardrobe and bathroom because it was a long and narrow room. ODD.

So we were sold on the second house and straight away applied on the Friday. A few days went by and we were starting to get a little antsy about the house hoping we got it. We sent an email just to “follow up” if they had received our application (obviously it was us saying hey we really want this). Finally by the following Friday (24th) just as I was emailed another real estate about checking out another property we received the phone call…..WE GOT IT!

So now we have a place and will be getting our keys on Friday (31st) and will begin the move in. So obviously will be sharing that experience and also be prepared for a lot more home makeover sessions. I’ll be needing to organise the shit out of this place now and make it my own..

Stay tuned kids



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