The Moving Chronicles : Tips and Testing out Hacks

Last week we moved into my new place, because I wanted to try and make this move the move painless experience I could I went searching for some tricks to help me out with the move. Some of the following are off the internet (Google, Pinterest, whatever) and some I came up myself – but I’m sure they probably are tricks I never found but someone thought of before (or just common sense). 


  • Make sure the you have toilet paper at BOTH places. There’s nothing worse than you having to go and the house you happen to be at has no toilet paper. Keep some rolls at the old place until the very last trip and take some to the new place the first trip with your belongings.
  • Make sure you have snacks everywhere, even if its a piece of fruit. Keep something to eat at both houses and in the car. There is nothing worse than it getting really late and your almost eating your arm off while waiting for your pizza to be delivered.
  • Drink loads of water. This definitely should be common sense come on.
  • Pre-Clean before you move stuff in. I know the house would have been cleaned before the previous tenants left but theres still the gross feeling that some randoms shit has touched that surface. Anti bacterial wipes are the best for getting rid of that.
  • Have an overnight bag packed the night before. The night/ day before you move into your new place have an overnight bag packed with clothes and toiletries so you are all set and just in case you haven’t unpacked clothes or toiletries the first day


POST-IT notes on cupboards, drawers etc. Write up what stuff goes in where that way if you have people helping they just have to refer to the note instead of constantly asking “where do you want this?” It’s also handy if in your frazzled state you tend to forget where you planned to put things.

Garbage Bags for transporting clothes. This was the hack that kept popping up in my search for hacks and it defiantly did work. It was kid of like a white trash garment bag. everything stayed and moving my clothes from one wardrobe to the other was easy. What I did for the spawns hanging clothes was use my Coles Green Bags instead of garbage bags. I have heaps of those and her clothes are only little so why not re-use them.

Large clear containers are bloody helpful! This is also great for storage around the house. These containers are great for you to see whats inside and save you having to rummage through them when your looking to see whats in the box. I actually use large boxes to store shit like the Christmas tree and blankets. Which was so easy to move just transfer the containers from one house to the other and they are packed away instantly. I use the smaller containers or the clear containers with drawers in the bathroom to store my many many toiletries, which was again simple with transferring from one house to the other.

So hopefully some of these snippets are helpful for anyone thats moving house. I am sorry this post is delayed last week was a bit exhausting with the move, me getting sick and a few events on the weekend. So I was a little busy and the week got away from me. But hey two posts this week!

IM OUT!!!!!


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