Hotel Esplanade (The Espy)


Located on the Esplanade in St Kilda, The Hotel Esplanade (The Espy) seaside pub provides a laid back hangout that consists of 5 levels of music, cocktails and food. Each level has a different feel to it so you feel as if you have gone on a pub crawl without leaving the building. Each level of this building is, dare I say it Instagram-able (I threw up in my mouth a bit). If you were looking a a place to capture amazing photos while enjoying a drink with friends this is it. This place had a very classic feel to it which made me feel as if I was on set of an old school movie. As for the drinks they have a great selection of beers,wines and ciders swell as cocktails with their own spin on them.

They had a small menu for food there, I didn’t eat anything there – because we were eating elsewhere later. I got to enjoy a delicious Pina Colada while in the green room. The cocktail definitely dangerous for me I was so tasty I slammed that Mother down so quickly, It was creamy but not and fruity but it didn’t feel sickening to drink (I had one, 5 might make me sick who knows) but it was good and they didn’t scrimp on the alcohol which I’ve notice some places have done with cocktails, making it essentially a mocktail.

Seriously check this place out, I didn’t find this place really expensive the prices were fairly standard for a bar. Its a great place to go with your friends for a few drinks and they also have live music. It s a place that can be great for day and night drinks. Ive included the website for you to check out.

Ok small disclaimer here. I don’t have an issue with people taking photos at places they are going, that’s fine. It’s when people just go to places solely for an instagram photo and that’s it.

IM OUT!!!!

Cheers Kids!


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