Recently while sitting in the Starbucks drive through (yes there is a Starbucks drive through near my house!!) while waiting to order I noticed a sign with a new flavoured Frappuccino. A Banoffee flavoured frap. The name alone sounds weird of course it got me a little curious. What the fuck it this flavour??? So when I was paying for my coffee i asked a staff member what it was and she simply said its a coffee and banana frappuccino. Thats it. Like it was a normal thing.

Now I’m not a big fan of frappuccinos or milkshakes, well I mean I have them occasionally but I really really have to be in the mood for it. But this flavour got me so curious about how it would taste. “I have to try it” I thought to myself, but first Ill suss out exactly what it was and try it on a day I was child free. She evidently loves milkshakes and if she see someone drinking one she is like a seagull. So on the website I took a look at the description of the drink, it is a follows:

“A banana, caramel & coffee delight – all blended together with ice. Our newest seasonal spin takes inspiration from the world-famous dessert pie. It’s a treat-worthy mashup of our most loved Frappuccino ingredients, together with a brand new banana syrup, that’s finished in cascading ribbons of buttery caramel sauce. Dig in! ” – STARBUCKS AUSTRALIA

Ok so reading this I could already tell its going to be so sweet (errr). Coffee and caramel Ive tasted before and it wasn’t too bad. I mean it was ok but caramel and banana AND coffee ohhhh how will that go. So I went off to Starbucks to give this a try. Of course when I was trying this I also bought my regular coffee because if I didn’t like it I still got my caffeine hit, and if I did like it well I’d be jumping off the walls before a mad rush to the toilet from all the milk.


So the drink. By looking at it you can tell its  a very layered drink and that reflected it in the taste. First sip was a lot like a banana milkshake, which wasn’t too bad. It then mixed in with the chocolate (they put chocolate syrup in it too) so it tasted like a banana/chocolate shake….then I hit the whipped cream layer. They put a layer of whipped cream inside the frap!! It seriously was like milkshake flavour one, milkshake flavour two them BOOM! WHIPPED CREAM! I like whipped cream on stuff but i feel this just turned me I felt horrible from that. But like an idiot I continued drinking the damn thing and again going through the layers the flavour changed. The banana taste still lingered but I didn’t get any taste of coffee really until the end of the drinking it wasn’t the pleasant coffee taste I know and love (and slightly addicted to). I was close to the top whipped cream and a horrible coffee flavour hit me as if it was the very top of the frap. I know the coffee taste was the coffee syrup/flavouring they have but it tasted as if I burnt a warm coffee and shoved ice it it. I didn’t enjoy the coffee flavour at all and there was barely any coffee in it.

This drink made me very curious and I am glad I did give it a try. It was so sweet, I felt like someone had blended up a dessert (that was already super sweet) and thrown in some flavoured syrups and a whole heap of whipped cream. If your into sweet milky drinks go for it but if your not overly fond of the milky sweet don’t try this. I am going to be honest here and say will not be buying this again, I can’t do that to my stomach. I am always willing to try these beverages out because if they capture my attention Im willing to try it out, I might actually like it. So anyway I tried it, didn’t care for it. Now lets move onto the next adventure.



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