Disney On Ice

I have been wanting to see Disney In Ice since……as long as I can remember really. So when I saw they are having it in Melbourne I thought HELL YES! I’m there. The spawn is four now so she’s at an age where she’ll actually enjoy Disney On Ice and won’t have a tantrum at the start of the show causing me to leave abruptly and waste a shit tone of money. So it was exciting for both of us. I honestly didn’t know what to expect for the show, for some reason I kept thinking of Will Ferrel In BLADES OF GLORY when he was in a fairies on ice show.

So anyway, when we finally fought through the many many cars in the car park (let this be a lesson catch public transport- DO NOT DRIVE) we followed the herd of small children dressed in Disney princess costumes (my kid was in costume too). We arrived at the Arena, it was PACKED! So many people pushing and shoving to get through. I held my cool and we got through in one piece.


When we got through the ticket scanners we were greeted with some stalls filled with over priced Disney Merchandise. Well mostly D grade merch, the stuffed toys didn’t look like the high grade toys that I’ve seen sold in toys stores – they looked like the cheap knock offs you see in $2 shops. But being as I wanted to make this experience special for the spawn I got her a large flashing stick as a souvenir since they were kind of Frozen themed and had the Disney On Ice logo down the side. This glow stick/ wand cost me $40! Yep $40 for flickering light for my little girl. Errr great. But she was happy with it so seeing her happy made me happy. So our seats were fairly close to the ice which we liked partly because she was right there in the action and could see everything close up. I did reach a point half way through when I felt like I was at a rave: loads of people in the dark with flashing lights and some wearing weird colourful outfits. The show, oh the show was amazing. They managed to include so many characters in the show, with some swinging around from the ceiling its was absolutely spectacular. I took only a handful of shots because I was just too into the show to look at my phone (sorry for the crappy shots). I was trying to live in the moment and not be on my phone the entire show…unlike the guy in front of us. No shit this guy in front of us was recording the show on his phone the entire time – he may look back one day and hear me in the background going “whoaaaa” “Ahhh look at em go!!!”

There was a number of time they had flashes apart of the show and there was even a time fire was on the ice. I noticed some guy in the background pouring some liquid on the ice and I thought “shit that’s dangerous”. Nope it was lighter fluid and they lit that shit up. Fire was on the ice holy crap. I never thought I’d see that in the show. When I arrived I never thought I’d see fire, sparks and Disney princesses swinging from the ceiling on ropes and silks – I seriously thought it be a bunch of people in costumes just cruising around the ice doing tricks and shit. Well they kind of did but they made it so much more than simple.

Even though Disney On Ice was crowded I still really enjoyed it and the spawn LOVED it. I’m her best friend now (yessss). The only thing if you plan to go with your kid: make sure they are at an age where they actually would enjoy it otherwise it’s just a waste of money, take water and some snacks- you don’t want to pay heaps for shitty food, try to go to the bathrooms maybe while the show is on because at the interval the line is out the door, be prepared for a large crowd (especially in school holidays/weekends) and to spend a bit of money. Other than that enjoy the experience, it’s a great show to see and if your kid is really into Disney films they will love it.



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