Getting Eyebrows

Alright so I’ve always had fair eyebrows. The only time I would colour them in in the past was when I had darker hair and I wanted my eyebrows to kind of match my hair. But over the last few years my eyebrows have gotten lighter as if my eyebrows have gone grey. So I’ve been colouring them in for a while now. Its been alright doing it everyday, but at times I just want to look like I actually have eyebrows (not patchy ones) when I wake up. So I decided to tint my brows myself at home….YEP!! Brace yourself this may be a absolutely  hilarious fail.


So above is a photo of me make up free with no hair protection to cover up my eyebrows. Sorry if you have nightmares tonight (ahhh no makeup). As you can see my brows are patchy and look like I’ve just over plucked in sections- which of course I haven’t. I barely pluck my brows now, its not the early 2000’s when pencil thin eyebrows were in (Yes I’m ashamed to say I did rock that look at some point) but I do have a stray eyebrow hair I have to pluck. Yes One hair I regularly have to pluck because it happens to be over a scar from when my husband thought it be funny to put me in a head lock (don’t worry we were play fighting) and when he did my eyebrow hit his fly zipper and kind of dinted my eyebrow. Imagine trying to explain that to people without them thinking it was a sex injury. So obviously I still have eyebrows but a lot of sections look as it I’ve gone to town when plucking because the hair has gone so light.

So I decided to tint them myself. I would have gone to a professional but I thought it shouldn’t be that hard. Ive painted my brows on before with no dramas what could go wrong really. So I went to HAIRHOUSE WAREHOUSE and purchased a eyebrow/ lashes tint. Originally I was going to buy a darker blonde tone but the staff member advised that the colour would look less blonde and more red (which I didn’t want) so I went with a light brown tone. Mixing up the dye wasn’t that hard I just had to put one 2cm blob of colour in a bowl with 10 drops of developer and mix until it became a light paste. Now came for the time to put the mixture on my face. I used my eyeliner brush just because it was thin and I could build it up as I went and had less chances of getting dye all over my face. Quick side note: best to put vaseline on your face to avoid getting dye stains on spots you don’t want to. I was feeling adventurous and just painted it on my face.


After I put the dye on I left it for 10 minutes to develop. Just as I was about i wash it off I caught a look of myself in the mirror and my brows were so dark, I admit a little bit of me panicked. I didn’t want to look like I drew my brows on with a sharpie. But I washed the tint off with warm water and the colour went down to a light brown and looked perfect.


This was a win! Sorry if you were hoping for a fail. The colour wasn’t to intense and just looked as good as when I would colour them in first thing in the morning. The products I used was APRAISE PROFESSIONAL EYELASH AND EYEBROW TINT & DEVELOPER , I thought these were great and I spent around $29 for the two items. I will keep this up for a while with occasionally touching up my eyebrows with my Colourpop brown pencil in between. Sorry kids for my feral appearance obviously I couldn’t do this with a full face of makeup and didn’t want to rick colour in my hair.




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