Finding that Perfect Face Mask….TAKE 2

Here we are again, trying on face masks. LETS DO THIS! I will try two masks that I have been recommended to try out. So if one or both of these masks butcher my skin I’ll be minus some friends. What I’m looking for is a mask that actually does what it says it can do eg clear skin or hydrate skin so it can be my go to mask for those times I want to sit back and give myself a little pampering. With a glass of wine (bottle). This time I am trying out a clay mask and a sheet mask to see which one would be best for me.

MARIO BADESCU – Rose Hips Mask


$31.00 (56g Jar) or $37.00  (14g Jar included in the Rose Essentials Set) 


I actually bought this apart of a skincare set to try out when I had a horrible breakout from dirty brushes. Let that be a lesson , WASH YOUR MAKEUP TOOLS REGULARLY! This one was very highly recommended (actually all of the products were) for me to give a try. This is a kind of clay mask ( sorry not sure the proper name to describe it). The whole kit it came with smelt really nice and refreshing – but Im just going to stick to about the mask. I’ll include a description below from the MECCA website.

“Give lacklustre skin a new lease on life with this radiance-boosting mask and reveal your most luminous complexion yet. Powered by brightening vitamin C, this revitalising mask is formulated with lemongrass extract, rose hip oil and rose hips extract to brighten, soften fine lines and wrinkles, minimise discolouration and refine pores ” – MECCA website description. 

So the mask is very straight forward to using all you do is put the mask on dry skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. I did this mask with my weekly hair mask (pampering session all the way). It slowly dries on your face so your face slowly gets a bit stiff. The  ask is a little messy when applying and when its wet on your face – so best to use a headband to keep your hair out of your face. Washing the mask off wasn’t to bad, I did have to use a cloth to make sure I got the mask off thought. It did simply come off with warm running water.

After using the mask my face was a little red but it did eventually go down. It is recommended you use this mask 2-3 times a week. So I have been trying this over a few weeks and and can say it has improved my skins overall appearance after each use. The only thing is that the real results usually appear the next day. I do like this mask BUT it is a little messy when applying and I can’t really relax with it on because I feel like Id get the mask to my clothes.

16 BRAND – Juicy Mask Pack Strawberry and Banana



This mask my friend had raved on about and said her skin felt so hydrated looked great afterwards – plus it was super cheap! Ive seen these masks in Mecca many times, there’re located at the last minute impulse buys section right near the counter. You all know where Im talking about. The spot were you wait in line to be served but there are mini items that you think “ohhhh should it buy this as well” because they are slightly cheaper. Well I got it. This mask doesn’t have a lot of writing on the packaging (well in english), the instructions were in english and so were the ingredients but not much else. I was kind of hoping for a little blurb about what this mask can do, so I had to refer to the Mecca website;

Harnessing the rejuvenating properties of bananas and strawberries, this nourishing sheet mask evens out skin tone and texture for a radiant and healthy looking complexion. The natural and powerful addition of paprika, carrot and cabbage extracts energize and create a long lasting brightening effect on your skin.” – MECCA. 

Well lets dive in! I had done this mask at night right before bed because I knew my face would be washed and it be good to help unwind. So with what you have to do for this mask is put it on after you have cleansed your face and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Once the time is up remove the mask and pat in the excess umm mask juice. The mask did a great job, I went to sleep with the mask residue on and it really just felt like I was wearing a night serum which was ok. When I woke up the next day my skin felt so hydrated and fresh and the overall tone looked improved. It looked as if I was the vision of perfect health. The mask I thought was really relaxing to wear, it didn’t slip off my face while wearing it. The only thing that I will say about the mask that I was a bit disappointed with was the scent. I was expecting a bit more of a scent to the mask. It did have a slight strawberry cream scent but it was very faint. Im guessing if the scent was a bit more powerful it could have been a bit sickening after a while.

I liked this mask it was defiantly value for money. My skin did feel good afterwards and the masks residue didn’t feel too sticky and gross afterwards. Like I mentioned it felt as if I put serum on my skin and it was just soaking in.

Overall with these masks Im pretty happy with the results. My face didn’t burn off. So my friends haven’t been ghosted. I did do a little research and obviously other countries don’t have a MECCA, the Mario Basedcu products are available in ULTA or Sephora and the 16 Brand mask are only available online that I could find other than in store at MECCA. I will continue to try out more masks, I am happy with both of these but I always up to see if there is any that can be better. 



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