Packing for a Girls Trip

With my Girls trip fast approaching I thought I would share some of the items I will be packing for my trip. This of course isn’t a whole list of every item Im taking with me this is just an assortment of some of the items I’m taking with me to the USA for my trip. 


As much as I share with my friends I don’t like to share the smell I leave in the toilet (I share that with my husband). This small spray will fit in nicely with my toiletries and will cover up the stink. Perfume and deodorant can work sometime but I find this covers up the best- I don’t have to waste perfume and deodorant.


Ok so I have a confession I was not a person that cleaned their brushes/ sponges regularly. I’d occasionally wipe it over with a makeup wipe and yeah I was a filthy pig. So after a terrible reaction to using dirty brushes on my skin I have started cleaning them properly (with proper sponge and brush cleaner). So anyway make sure your brushes are clean when you pack them. It’s just like clothes you wouldn’t pack dirty clothes for a holiday would you?


These I always pack with every trip. Because you can build up your outfit with them. They are such basic items to back and they don’t take up too much room, plus they are comfortable and you can wear them with pretty much anything and dress up or down.


DAMN RIGHT IM PACKIN THIS! Im going on a plane and because its a girls trip I will no doubt be bringing the glam everyday. I want to make sure my hair stays strong and healthy throughout the trip. I don’t want to comeback with hair like straw. Its not a big bottle and I can treat my hair on the same day I wash it.


I know everyones trying to bring in free the nip and I admire their confidence. But I freed the nip when breastfeeding all those years ago and Im done with that. The only people that are allowed to see my nips are my husband (of course), my daughter if she catches me changing or in the shower and my doctor if I need a boob exam. Im planing on dressing up and some of the outfits I plan on wearing are not really bra friendly. By that I goes from a classy outfit to trashy when you see a bra trying to pop out. The tape Im bringing to save any wardrobe malfunctions.


Of course I am taking heels for a night out but I’m mainly packing flats and sneakers for the days we are out and about. Im only taking shoes that I know for sure I can spend a whole day in and not regret it that night while Im soaking my feet in the tub in pain. By comfortable shoes Im taking; my workout sneakers (I workout on holidays and for when we have to do a lot of walking) , my Converse, thongs (flip flops/ sandals whatever everyone else calls them and some slides. These all are comfortable and I feel confident I won’t regret taking them. the last thing I want is to take all these over-the-top shoes that hurt like hell when you walk.

IM OUT!!!!


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