What I Packed in My carry-on

Alright so if your looking for a hack to get as much stuff in your carry on as possible AND stay within the weight limit. You’ve come to the wrong place my friend. I’m sharing what I’m packing in my carry on as a very basic bitch. These are the items Im taking as well as the obvious ID, phone, iPad and money. Feel free to use this to help you out on your own future adventures….


First of all, my carry on is this Dome Traveler. Its ok for the carry on limits and it can fit everything I need in it with no worries. I do use this a and overnight/ weekend bag sometimes. I chose to use this bag over say a smaller wheel case is because it’s easy to carry, lighter than a case, has a sleeve on the back so I can slide the bag on my suitcase handle so it’s easy to manage two bags at once without taking too much room and also I can put this bag under my seat.



WELL OBVIOUSLY ! Im super paranoid about forgetting something Ive actually got back ups emailed to my phone so if I do happen to have forgotten or lost certain forms I have a back up. This obviously doesn’t apply to say my passport that shit I’ve made sure that I know where it is at all times.


Always carry pens. When you have to fill out your travel card on the plane pens are really scarce so its very handy to have one or actually two on you to make sure you can fill it out sooner than later. It also is good if you buy a magazine while waiting, you can play the crossword or draw on peoples faces.




Any moisturising lip balm is a must!! I learnt my lesson after my last trip. I didn’t take lip balm on my last trip and over half of the trip my lips were so red and dry. I looked like I had some disease around my mouth. I couldn’t even wear lipstick because my lips were so so gross it looked like I had chunks of food stuck to them. So this round Im taking care of my lips.


I always carry moisturiser with me because when travelling my skin can get dry and scaley – I want to around looking and feeling like a shedding snake. So I am taking moisturiser in a small tub.

Face Wash

This is for our stopover in LA. We have a four hour stop over at LAX before we hit our first destination Vegas so I wanted to wash my face while were waiting for our flight. This will help me wake up, feel a bit more refreshed and frankly waste a bit of time. It will of course be in a sample pot so I stay within the liquid limits.

Sleep Retainer

Well I need to still protect my teeth. Not going to leave it at home just because I’m on holidays. I will make sure its clean before I leave.


Im taking a took brush and NOT toothpaste on the plane. Im not taking it to clean my teeth this is just simply so I can get any stray food out of my teeth before I put my teeth retainer in before I sleep. I am simply going to the restrooms with bottle of water and toothbrush to do this. Definitely not using the tap water in the toilets, Im not brushing my teeth with poo water.


The clothes are just as an in case we have to walk around a bit before we can check in scenario. I know when we hit USA its summer with hot weather (delightful change to the Melbourne cold front right now) so I don’t want to be sweating my ass off waiting so I packed; a t-shirt, shorts, spare underwear and slides. So Im ready to explore.


So I thought I’d share this extra tid bit in. So since I’m being as basic as I possibly can I thought I’d share what I’m wearing on the morning I fly out. I’m going for a neat/comfortable look. You know somewhere in between lazy track pants and over the top jeans looks. So I’m wearing some black leggings. Not the pants that if I bend over you can see my butt freckles (I’ve been butt checking) or are made to look as if I’m wearing black paint on my legs. The leggings are soft and stretchy. On the top I’m wearing a large plain jumper with a singlet top underneath. The singlet top has a built in bra so I don’t have to wear one on the plane. I want to be comfortable on the plane but can’t completely ditch the bra so I opted for the built in bra top to save any straps or wires digging into me. I wore the larger jumper so I can be comfortable without any zips or tight top. Finally on my feet just simple converse shoes. I’m going on a long as flight I want to be comfortable as possible because at some point I most likely with fall asleep (even if it turns out for an hour).

Ive flown wearing a lot of “loungewear” as in track pants, loose tops and sneakers. I was super comfortable on the flight. BUT, when I landed I looked like pure road kill. Im not kidding Im shocked I made it through customs without having to be checked because I looked disgusting. It wasn’t ideal considering we couldn’t check into our hotel room so I had to walk around looking like I rolled out of a dumpster. So I learnt my lesson to find a happy medium between super comfortable and over the top glam.

Stay tuned for my adventures, there most likely will be a lot of posts for you to check out over the next few weeks. If you can’t wait until my post go up check out my Instagram, photos will be going up as I go..




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