Waxing the INSIDE of my nose

I’ve come across these nostril waxing kits for a while now and never thought to use them. Partly because my nose hair isn’t out of control and never been a real issue. WEL I do trip my nose hairs a bit because when I put makeup on sometimes you can see them- it basically just looks like I’ve got makeup coloured booger’s. But my husband on the other hand his getting older and hairier (everywhere except his head) so his been wanting to give these a go for a while to try neaten himself up. Naturally with anything beauty related he had to take me along on his journey.


So we purchased the NADS NOSE WAX – FOR MEN AND WOMEN from Chemist Warehouse to give this a go. When opening up the kit the wax pot itself seemed small, I thought with the box size the wax pot would be bigger. But hey we are only using the wax for the inside of our noses. So yes the pack included a instructions (defiantly read), small pot of wax, 4 x waxing sticks, 2 x Ice pole sticks to stir the wax, 2 x anti bacterial wipes, 2 x post wax wipes and these two moustache paper stickers. The moustache paper, originally I thought it was something stupid to put into the pack for the customers. But I actually found out these are for putting over existing moustaches to protect them from getting wax on the upper lip and taking out some of the moustache. Random side note: does anyone else say MOO-STARSH in their head when they read the work moustache?

What to do….

  • Heat up the wax, obviously. Make sure you follow the instructions. Because I had a full tub I put the wax on for 2 minutes – I did have to put it on a little longer because my microwave dint seem to heat it up too much. Just keep in mind its not supposed to be super liquidy as you would have it for say a leg wax.
  • Use the anti bacterial wipes to wipe the inside of your nose (get those boogers out)
  • Use one of the white waxing sticks and dip just the round tip in (minds out of the gutter please) . Do a little twist action to make sure the wax is on the knob (no penis comments)
  • Put the stick up your nose and make sure the collar of the stick is outside the nostril. Don’t move the stick once it’s up your nose.
  • If your brave enough you can do both side at the same time but I was being a whimp and had to do one at a time.
  • Let the wax cool inside of your nostril (at least 60 seconds as the instructions say) but not any longer than 2 minutes
  • Once ready to remove hold tightly onto the stick and yank that fucker out as hard and quickly as you can. Jump around a bit to pump yourself up.
  • Once nose is hair free. Examine the hairs on the stick like it’s a science experiment (optional)
  • Use post wax wipes to remove any excess wax on the surface of the nose

I think the pain with this was more the anticipation to yanking the wax stick out rather than the actual waxing pain. Don’t get me wrong it did hurt a bit but it wasn’t so unbearably horrible that it would stop me from doing it again. Remember if you do want to try this that different people have different pain thresholds. Yes I would do this again it definitely is one of those beauty treatments that no one notices but the person that’s getting them. But I did like how I felt less hairy and like an old man once I waxed my nose hairs. I did also like the fact that I didn’t have any visual “bats in the cave” situations once it was done. I will be putting this in my regular beauty regime (obviously once the hairs grow back).



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