Museum of Ice-Cream

Located right near Union Square in San Francisco lives the Museum of Ice Cream. It’s a fun, colourful and tasty experience with interactive displays and loads of treats.

Walking into the building we were greeted by an endless amount of pink. From the decor to the guides its PINK PINK PINK. To begin your adventure you start with a trip down a pink slide to the first room where you are given a name tag and the task of creating an ice-cream name for yourself. I was RUM & RAISIN – because I’m small, squishy and sometimes full of rum. Once you have a name tag and name you proceed through each room, with each room having a small task in order to receive a sweet treat and a sticker to go on your badge (I felt like a girl scout). To receive the treats task are really fun and simple e.g.; make an animal sound.

Each room was full of colour and had some sort of activity for you to enjoy as well as many photo opportunities*. With this experience you can only move forward through the rooms and not backwards so make sure you take your time going through. As you reach the end of your sweet adventure you are greeted with a sprinkle pool. Thats right a SPRINKLE POOL!!! Well obviously not real sprinkles- that wouldn’t be very hygienic. But this pool is complete with a slide, diving board and even some floats to enjoy the experience. I was defiantly the oldest person in the pool that day going down the slide and doing freestyle through it.

I’ll let my photos do the talking. But this overall experience is defiantly something to check out when in San Fransisco. I enjoyed this place so much, not going to lie I did feel a bit of a sugar overload once I left……but it was totally worth it!!! Ive included the link below for you to check out and maybe buy your tickets (you have to buy them online, you can’t buy them at the museum).

IM OUT!!!!

*As wonderfull colourful photogenic place this is don’t be a dick and spend a ridiculous amount of time having a photoshoot – other people want to get a photo or at least see the display. Remember think of everyone else around you.


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