When I think of San Francisco I think of two things; the workout I get from the steep hills and Alcatraz. 

Alcatraz has always been a place that I have wanted to see. This actually was the second time visiting Alcatraz because a few years ago I didn’t quite give the Rock my full attention (I was a little pre-occupied because a few days earlier I found out I was knocked up) and also the fact the person I was with had never been before. So this was a must.


The trip over to Alcatraz is a short ferry ride and honestly Im not a huge fan of boats, but its not to bad. You get to see the bridges and San Fransisco as you are going further out and its adds to the excitement getting closer to the Rock. Obviously back in the day the people going there probably weren’t as excited. When we arrived we headed up straight away to the main entrance when we were greeted with our audio tour headsets. The tour not to long I’d say it was under and hour with you walking throughout the facility.

For all of those who like a little bit of History check this out. Its not boring and the audio tour is just the right length to keep you interested and not too overloaded with information. Your not just standing around mindlessly listening to a tour guide rattle on, your actually hearing tales from actual inmates and guards. With sound effects and the fact you are physically in the area these moments happened. Not going to lie a lot of the time when I go on tours I tend to zone out at some point but this audio tour I was listening to every word the whole time. It was a bit busy when I was there but really this is a tourist landmark so it would always have tourists at some point.

Really recommend checking Alcatraz out, just make sure you get your tickets purchased well before your trip to save missing out for the day/time you want. There are many different sites where you can purchase ticket (which include the ferry). So either just google for tours or hit up your nearest travel agent.



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