The Happiest Place on Earth!

DISNEYLAND! The most iconic theme park. The Happiest Place on Earth to go to at any age. Its a park that anyone at any age can go to and have an amazing time.  This was my third time here so I thought Id share some tips and tricks for anyone who is hitting Disneyland in the near future…..


(I’m no particular order)

Plan Ahead and do your research, When planning your trip make sure you see when the best time is to go and if there is any events on that could effect your stay. If you happened to be travelling at a busy time definitely have a game plan for the day and get FAST PASSES for the popular rides.

Buy your Tickets online, this way you can save one less stress for the day. If you are planning on going to both Disneyland and California Adventure get the Hopper Pass so then you can bounce back and forth throughout the day.

Get a FAST PASS, This is no joke if you are wanting to ride a new or popular ride you will have to wait. You will have to wait a long time. Just get the fast pass for the rides with a huge line, it saves the drama out of waiting for what feels like an eternity for a ride that only goes for a few minutes if that.

Take a small bag. Unless you are a parent where you have to take all of the kids food, change of clothes, Nappies etc. Take a small bag. This is to save you having to fumble around with a large backpack all day. On the rides they have a small pouch to store your belongings in and it is small. You can just slip in the bagged know it will be safe rather than having to find a locker. Just pack the essentials; phone, wallet, sunscreen etc.

Stash snacks and water, Because you want to take a bottle of water just keep a few muesli bars in your bags are something small like that to get you through the day. Everyone says pack your own lunch, but realistically you will smell and see all of the delicious food around and will have to get in on it at some point of the day. So just keep snacks on you for between meals and to save you from feeling faint. Water definitely keep on you, there are spots you can re-fill your water bottle which comes in handy.

Stay at either a Disneyland Resort or close by, this way you can be at the park all day from open to close without the worry of having to hurry back to your tour bus or having to find a carpark.

Get to the park before it opens, Get there nice an early to make sure you have a head start its busy but not as busy as it can get during later in the day.

Wear comfortable shoes for the love of god it is not a fashion parade! You will walk A LOT and if you aren’t wearing comfortable shoes your feet will feel the unholy wrath of blisters. Wear something practical like sneakers.

Upload the Disneyland App, I actually learnt about this while waiting in line for my first ride. Fortunately Disneyland has free WiFi and I was able to use the app. It helps with letting you know wait times for rides and when, where and what characters will be making appearances. The app has many features to help make life a little more easier while at the park so definitely download it to your phone beforehand trip.


Getting you Dole Whip. I fell in love with Dole whip after my first time at Disneyland and Im shattered I can’t successfully re-create it at home here in Australia. It is a popular treat and there is always a line to getting it out front of the Tiki Room so there are two ways to avoid the line. One; if you don’t mind what time you enjoy the tropical treat go there first thing when the stand opens, that was my little morning pick-me-up after coffee. Another hack which I found pretty effective later on during the day (yep I just survived on Dole whip floats and coffee the whole day) was going through the Tiki room turnstile so your at the back of the stand and generally there aren’t many people lined up there. This hack kept coming up all over the internet so it defiantly worked.

Figure out what shows you want to see before you go to the park. That way you can organise what time to find your spot for the shows- trust me you’ll want your spot early. You can also book tickets beforehand in the park.

Shop at the end of the day, of course you have to buy some things at Disneyland. Your at Disneyland! But save it for the end of the day when your feeling ready to call it a day. You don’t want to be lugging bags of souvenirs around with you all day. The only thing you should buy at the start of the day are the Mouse ears if you plan to wear them throughout the day.

Im sure I will come up with 10 more tips after posting this but this is all Ill overload you with for now.

IM OUT!!!!


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