Hungover at M & M World


When I eat M & Ms I’m like a little crack head I MUST EAT THEM ALL! I can’t just have a small handful I have to have the whole damn bag. So on my recent trip to Vegas we had to make a visit to M & M World. Unfortunately our timing wasn’t well thought out because after a night of cocktails I was a bit green and not really in the Chocolate loving mood – but being as we had limited time I battled through.

M n M world is located on the Las Vegas strip (you can’t miss it) and consists of many levels of merchandise. It does have walls full of M & Ms for you to stock up on your favourite treat. It does have a show available I never got to see it – we were always between shows and couldn’t wait for the next show (impatient bitches). Basically this this just a large M & Ms store, its good for the kids and if you want to get a few gifts for people. There is plenty of photo ops around the store with characters set up around. Of course the store is a bit pricey but you have to expect that with anything aimed at tourists and thats on the Vegas strip. Defiantly check this out, its something different to look into and you don’t have to pay for entry just for what you chose to buy. My little piece of wisdom is don’t go when you are rocking a hangover, the scent of chocolate does not sit well. The bathroom was on the top level!!

Ive added the website link below for you to check out if your interested in taking a little look….



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