The Mob Museum

Located in Las Vegas, not far from the Fremont Street Experience lives the Mob Museum. The Museum is not like any other with a view into the life of organised crime in Las Vegas as well as other cities throughout the US and internationally. You get to explore real events as well as view many artefacts. One of which was the actual wall from the Valentines Day Massacre. CRAZY!!

The great part about this place is the fact that it is inside an old courthouse and post office building. When you have paid your admission you go on an adventure on 3 levels of the building through the life of crime. Go inside the court room and watch a short presentation on the Kefauver Hearings. Seriously with this place I could have stayed all day because they ddi have a lot of exhibitions with a fair bit to read (obviously I couldn’t read everything- it was busy). From the beginning of the mob to the prohibition to the famous mobsters it was a lot to take it but was amazing the things I learnt that day. I wouldn’t recommend taking small kids partly because it does have a few gruesome photos and unless they really are into history they may get a little bored.

I know when you think of going to Vegas all a lot of people think of is endless partying, loads of booze and the night life. With no real intentions of really getting into the history of the place which was notorious for organised crime. Seriously check the Mob Museum out its a few hours out of the day where you can give the bars a rest and brush up on some history. There is now a bar on the bottom level of the museum if you feel like you’ve been sober too long after you’ve finished your adventure. They also have a gift shop on site to pick up some souvenirs afterwards. They did have a Line up photo which you could line up and purchase afterwards but I found that the photographer was in the worst location instead of being directly in front of you while you were in the police line up to make it look a little authentic he was taking the photos beside you so it lost the appeal. The photos weren’t really worth it. Honestly. Try to be sketchy and if the photographer isn’t looking or there take the photo yourself just turn off the camera flash.

So yes check this place out, Ive added the website for you to check out and get all of the prices for entry and what not.




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