Get in-Cider my belly

Yeah poor attempt at a pun. Sorry for the post tittle. Anyhoo, I’m trying ciders! I do like cider, I feel that sometimes I have to be in the mood for it- but really that’s like anything for me. So a lot of different cider flavours/ concoctions have come out and I thought hey I might try these out. Because I’ve seen more and more different flavours for cider these days rather than the simple alcoholic apple/ pear cider. Brands are mixing it up with adding other alcohol to the mix as well as unique flavours I wouldn’t put with cider. So let’s give these a whirl…..


STRONGBOW Blossom Rosè

I’ve had STRONGBOW in the past but just the standard apple cider. From what I remember it wasn’t to bad a cider to drink on a summers day – I did drink it one New Year’s Eve. I didn’t really enjoy this cider, I mean it wasn’t horrible but it’s not something I’ll rush back to drinking again. I found that it had a bit too much going on in the flavour department get what I was tasting. It was as if all the flavours were fighting against each other to be the more dominant instead of working together. I also found this to be a very gassy drink and felt very heavy and filling when I drank it. I got a belly from it from all of the bloating.


SOMERSBY Watermelon Flavoured Cider 

I actually came across this one day while frolicking in the liquor store while the husband was looking for beer to watch the football (can’t watch football with out beer dahh). I was curious but overtime I’ve had something watermelon it has been fairly tasty, but sometimes can borderline a bit too sweet. So trying this it was actually good wasn’t too sweet that I felt like I had just drank a heap of sugar and was really refreshing. I do feel like that if you have too many it would start getting a bit sickening- obviously not just from the alcohol but the sweetness. It may be a slippery slope as in too much of a good thing may be a bit bad.



I saw this bad boy advertised on Facebook and straight away though, I HAVE TO TRY THIS!!! This is my summer drink or anytime drink (besides wine). I didn’t realised it was lighter on calories so if your worried about calories while drinking this has got you sorted – but really booze calories don’t count it will be coming out of you at some point later on. This drink was so delicious it was sweet but not overly sweet. I felt like it was very light and I could drink a number of them and not feel sick from the sweetness.  The mixture of cider, rosé, berries and a dash of sweet peach (after research I saw it had peach in it too!!) – it all worked together and made it a refreshing drink.


REKORDERLIG Wild Berries Cider Cocktail, Mixed with Rum and Dark Berries 

I saw this with the Blush Rosé and thought I’ll give it a whirl too, why not. This one was also pretty tasty. I thought it was sweet and was very much a cocktail in a bottle which I loved. I knew it couldn’t really go wrong since this brand already has a wild berries cider. I knew that the flavours could work. As much as I loved this cocktail in a bottle I would say that I would have to limit this drink the sweetness did make me a bit thirsty and need water after a few drinks. It is a nice drink don’t get me wrong the flavours were so delicious I felt like it was a great drink to drink cold and outside under the sun.

Okie Dokie kids give these ciders a go if any caught your eye. Im off to Hawaii in a few days (look at me the little jet setter over here). So be prepared for most likely a lot of Hawaii adventures posts, or not we’ll see how I go and survive the long flight with the spawn.



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