Travelling with the Spawn

Earlier this year there was endless advertisements for cheap deals to Hawaii, that included flights and accommodation. Like the impulsive fools my husband and I are we jumped on that shit. Now at the time we thought “oh we’ll be totally fine a week or so in Hawaii we could spend a lot of time by the pool and at the beach, she’ll love it”. Our dumbasses forgot about the 10 hour flight to the destination though! So after searching all over the internet for some tricks to keep your sanity and all of the other people around you Ive made up a little list of things that I did that helped out.

WE BOOKED OUR FLIGHT LATE AFTERNOON….Sometimes you don’t really have the choice on what time you can fly out but if you can, go for the evening flight. That way the little one can sleep a few hours out of the flight (and you can too). That way they would be less likely to have terrible jet lag.

PRE-ORDERED FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT….We did travel with a budget airline so we did have to pre-purchase the entertainment and meals. A lot of the other airlines Ive used in the past usually include it (always check). You can buy the entertainment and food on the plane but its only limited and there is a chance you could miss out.

BACK UP ENTERTAINMENT….There is always the chance that the movies or shows on the entertainment aren’t really doing it for the spawn. So having back up entertainment like the iPad with shows/ movies you know they will like on it helps. Also putting games on the iPad as a back up. Also pack colouring books, toys and story books are a good help to keep that spawn under control and out of the meltdown zone.

SNACKS….After going through customs and all that bullshit go stock up on snacks, for the love of god make sure you have snacks! For some reason kids are like little crack heads needing a fix with snacks. This is the perfect anticipation for “mummmmm I’m hungry” between the meals services and any potential meltdowns.

PACKED PYJAMAS….This was my way to make her more comfortable and kind of drop the hint that it was sleep time (saying it would have caused her screaming I DONT WANNNA SLEEP).

SPARE CLOTHES….My kid is toilet trained and hasn’t had an accident in ages, BUT. If she was forced to wait for ages in line to use the plane toilets it could lead to and accident. Fortunately she didn’t have any toilet accidents she did have a unfortunate incident with her tomato sauce packet with her food with resulted in her shooting herself with sauce. The clothes are also helpful for if you can’t check in when you arrive at your destination and want to look around.

Hopefully these help anyone who want to give these a go. They worked for me. These won’t stop your spawn from cracking the shits but it will reduce the cracking of the shits a lot.



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