Wow that title is misleading, I have had cheesecake before- in fact I’ve made cheesecake on this blog. But I have never had Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. EVER! I’ve been to the Cheesecake Factory a number of times for meals and cocktails (of course) but I’ve never made it to dessert.Usually it was due to me being too full from stuffing my face with the huge ass meal or the fact I was drinking cocktails and was enjoying them a bit to much to be in the mood for cheesecake.

BUT. This trip I was determined to try some cheesecake! So with my meal I made sure I didn’t stuff my face like the gluttonous pig I can be on holidays and saved room for dessert. Now choosing a cheesecake was difficult because there is so many bloody flavours, they all looked so good! If I could I would try them all but I only paid for one seat on my return flight and I wasn’t interested in buying new pants. So what I decided was my husband, the spawn and I would share two cheesecakes between us so we could see which kind of one we would enjoy. I chose the FRESH PINEAPPLE CHEESECAKE, because hey I’m in Hawaii had to get something along those lines. My husband chose the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH CHEESECAKE, good god that’s a name that get mixed up. He chose that because his not that into plain cheesecake, he likes the flavoured cheesecakes and plus he knew the spawn would see chocolate and eat it and look like her hero for picking the chocolate cake.

Ok so the big ass slices of cheesecake rolled out to our table with a very generous side of whipped cream, all I could think was that I shouldn’t have eaten anything beforehand. I began with my choice the FRESH PINEAPPLE. This was a good cheesecake, it was creamy with the sweetness of pineapple on the side. It straight away reminded me of a Pina Colada, which funny enough is what I wanted the whole day. But yeah the pineapple was so good by itself, honestly if you just put the pineapple in a bowl and plopped it in front of me id have eaten it and asked for another 5 bowls it was so good. It was such a tasty cheesecake. It was so good that its kind of made me a bit sad because I probably won’t get a pineapple cheesecake that good here.

Now to the husbands choice which was the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH. This cheesecake was nice the chocolate cookie base was so nice and the whole cake was really good. But I did find that it was very very rich in flavour. Yeah I know all cheesecakes are very rich, but this one was very full on. It felt as if it was death by chocolate chip cookie dough. Don’t get me wrong this was a really delicious cake, but i feel like it was defiantly a cake that you could only have a small amount of because if you even tried to attempt to finish it you might be done for the day – or need a nap.

My first cheesecake experience at the Cheesecake Factory was a success. We all loved our food and our desserts. I was so happy to have FINALLY tried the cheesecakes from here! I felt like I was missing out by not trying at least one – but I got to try two so lucky me! So more posts will be out this week (what the fuck? more than one???) so check them out as they come.


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