Surviving Halloween

Even though Halloween isn’t really an Australian holiday the spawn likes to celebrate it. She likes dressing up in costumes and spooky things (G rated spooky). Originally I was thinking of getting a pumpkin and making a Jack O Lantern with her and that would have been our Halloween fun. But really who am I kidding I’d have done all the work with her watching me. But I remembered a few years back buying a pumpkin and it was expensive to buy PLUS when I cut it open there was barely any meat so I couldn’t use the insides to make anything.

So I ended up doing some research for homes that participate in Trick or Treating near us. Lucky me I found a fair few houses – some in my street. She had her costume (she had many to chose from after her doing some damage in the Disney store), she ended up dressing up as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. So we were set. So I thought. With the costume, it came with a wig which I thought was enough. WRONG! She wanted me to put makeup on her to put her costume up to the next level. Because I wanted her to look like the character and not just a kid in makeup (she probably would have loved that shit – she loves makeup a little too much for a 4 year old) I went and bought some face paint to achieve her Sally look.

Now her costume consisted of a long sleeved dress, leggings and a wig. It was a good costume and being that it’s not always warm in Melbourne I thought it would be a perfect costume for at night when it got cooler. Like the idiot I am, I also forgot that living in Melbourne meant that we pretty much have every season in a week and Halloween happened to fall on a hot ass day! To top it off the temperature wouldn’t be dropping over night because the next day was going to be just as hot. Yayyyyy.

But my spawn was set for her Sally costume so of course we just left her in the dress without the leggings, wear sandals and I would carry around the biggest bottle of water imaginable with me. When it came to painting her face I did it right near a fan to make sure she stayed cool and that it would dry nice and quickly. I had a picture of the character on my phone and did my best to re-create the look. The end result I think was a success, we were happy and you could tell it was the character, I of course used red matte lipstick on her lips and not face paint – knowing it would last longer and if she licked her lips it wouldn’t smudge. There was an issue, the paint wouldn’t dry! She sat in front of the fan for 20 minutes and the fucking paint didn’t dry at all. I didn’t want it to rub of moments after she stepped out the door so I had to think quickly to keep everything in place.

I had to crack out my makeup supplies. First thing I did was go over the black painted stitching with some liquid eyeliner, I knew it would stay longer. I then had to dab some setting powder and setting spray to her face in hope it would preserve the look for longer than a few seconds. It sort of worked and we managed to get her wig on with no issues. It was actually a pretty good wig for a costume…..I may use it one day if I need a disguise for some reason.


The Trick or Treating experience was actually really good and surprising how many people got involved. We went with my cousin and her spawn. The kids had a great time we lasted close to two hours when my spawn called it a night and took off her wig. I knew it was coming to the end of our excursion by looking at her, she resembled me after a night out. Hair a mess and makeup smeared all over my face while holding a bag full of junk food. Like mother like daughter. I will admit I am pretty proud of the fact she lasted that long with a hot wig on and refused to take it off. She really will sacrifice for beauty.

Overall it was a good night and she absolutely loved this whole night. Next year I will dress up to so I can join in on the fun. I totally forgot to do something for me and just wore black cat ears (which I stole from my kid) and called it a night. Next year I’ll put some effort it I think. I do get this is kind of an adopted holiday and not technically an Australian holiday. But who cares the kids love it and it’s a bit of fun. I will say this though….if you are going trick or treating WEAR A GOD DAMN COSTUME! I saw so many teenager walking around doing this not in costume. Alright I’m going to start a rant if I keep going so Halloween was great!



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