Sorry about this

So I’ve been a pretty big slack ass this year with posting. I’d go through phases were I wouldn’t post for weeks then get back into the rhythm of things only to slack off AGAIN! Well I hate feeling like a slack ass bitch and thought I would share a short explanation. This year has been full of ups and downs with me. But it’s been mainly the downs that have made me unmotivated to write anything and not want to engage in a lot. Unfortunately this year I’ve had a few friendships fall apart (close friends) and it really took a toll on me with how vicious these people became towards me and would attack me as if we were in high school. Sorry I’m sharing a very vague explanation but I did distance myself from these individuals and took a step back to think about ” were they really my friends?”.  Sure I could have coward back to them and acted like a little bitch, but really thats not what I want to be.  So yeah I did have moments were I was a Debbie downer and let it be the better of me, but it did take me a while to just woman up and move on.  Of course its taken me a fair few months  – but I got there.

Of course now I am a lot happier and ready to write again (more consistently). Of course there won’t be any alcohol content for a while because my super sperm husband knocked me up with spawn number 2! Damn me drinking wine and dropping my guard one night. So yes I’m expecting spawn number two, but don’t for a second think that this will change into a mum blog all about parenting and serious shit like that. NOPE! I will still be the same dickhead. I won’t get too into details about my pregnancy, my reveal to people and blah blah blah. Although hilarious stories Im sure people aren’t really interested.

Anyhoo I am back and have loads lined up, well whoever reads my posts.



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