Starbucks Christmas Beverages ROUND 1

Here we are again! Hitting the Christmas Season off with a bang with a few visits to Starbucks to try out the Christmas beverages menu. Again. Obviously I won’t try out the drinks I tried last year a go (well not intentionally). Because well, I know I felt about them then and I don’t want to really repeat. Like Last year I am trying these out in the smallest sizes (sometimes larger if I’m testing with a friend) because I don’t really want to get a large as drink that tastes like shit. If I like it I will go back for another.

To start this off we are trying out a:


How Starbucks Described it…..

“Our decadent and dreamy mocha is infused with peppermint for a burst of minty, chocolaty joy. Each is crowned with luscious layers of whipped cream, mocha drizzle and colourful candy cane sprinkles for a truly magical and merry masterpiece.” – STARBUCKS AUSTRALIA Website.

Well whats described here sounds like a delicious dessert. Still in curious.

My Thoughts on the Beverage….

This was a nice Frap I’m not going to lie it was pretty delicious. I shared this beverage adventure with the husband- he loves his mochas and fraps. I did like the crushed candy cane on the top of the whipped cream (I did something crazy and put whipped cream on top). Honestly mochas to me are a bit of an abomination, why? Because to me it’s the equivalent of someone putting copious amounts of sugar in their coffee – BLASPHEMY! You can have hot chocolate or coffee, not both together! It’s a pissy amount of coffee and mostly chocolate, might as well be a hot chocolate or iced chocolate. Sorry I ranted off for a bit there. BUT, I will move on. So the frap itself was surprisingly delicious. It wasn’t an over powering taste and it was the perfect mixture of peppermint and chocolate. Neither flavours were trying to overpower the other. When drinking it it reminded me of those chocolate after dinner mints. Oooooo those sound good right now. It was a really nice drink, the one thing I will say negatively (not really negative) is get it in a smaller size because it is such a rich drink it would get sickening and filling very quickly.

Well my Christmas Beverages have kicked off for Christmas 2019, stay tuned for round two next week.



Also: If you are wanting to check out last years round one beverage adventure the link is below, since some of the drinks (not all) are on this years menu 




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