Christmas AF

For this year we will be hosting Christmas lunch at or place and I wanted to decorate the house to make it look very festive (besides having the tree in the corner). So I decided to make some decorations myself (well with the help from the spawn) to make the house look FESTIVE AS FUCK.  I didn’t want tit to be too much overkill because as much fun as it may be to put up the decorations and have the house looking great, guess who has to pack it up after Christmas. ME!! So of course I threw in a few decorations around the house I bought from Kmart- for cheap stuff it still looks good. But I also wanted to throw in some of the home-made decorations to have around the house, to make it look more homely and since I have a spawn like she got some input in the decorating process. 

We obviously did the classic paper chains and put them around the house. I was happy with the chains and everything at first, but then while cleaning up the house later that night I decided to add a little more to the house. 


We have some space in front of our kitchen bench I thought would be perfect for a bunting to live for a while. This was super easy to make and didn’t take any time at all – well it did take a bit of time to cut the letters out because I’m an anal bitch that hates when little details aren’t perfect.

What You Need….

  • Thick card (I used a textured brown card) 
  • Plain paper with a pattern you made on the computer 
  • String
  • Small Pegs 
  • Stanley knife
  • Glue

What To Do….

  1. Create a template for your buntings so you can make sure they all match. I made a stencil on the computer and printed it directly to the card so it would be easy to cut out. Cut all of the buntings out and set them aside.
  2. I made the letters patterns on the computer and printed out the letters for the bunting. Cut the letters out with the knife to make sure they look nice and neat – if your not to comfortable with a knife you can use scissors. 
  3. Glue the cut out letters to the bunting cards and try to line them up making sure the letters are roughly placed the same on each card.
  4. Hang up the string to where you want to display it make sure its a little tighter that you want. Peg the cards to the string and your done!!


I have been holding onto jars after I finished using them to try recycle them and use them for storing small things around the house. I came up with this idea when I found we had some LED tea light candles laying around and thought why the hell not. These are what I made if you want to do this you can change it to paint instead of glitter – this is just for inspiration.

What You Need…..

  • Clean jars with the labels removed (make sure the smell is gone you don’t want the scent of old salsa hanging around)
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • String or ribbon
  • Battery operated tea light

WhatTo Do…..

  1. Put down paper, or what I did was use old paper plates. Lay glitter out so easy to put on jars.
  2. Glue the outside of the jar then when the whole jar (or as much of the jar) is covered roll it over the glitter as much as you want depending on how glittery you want it.
  3. Let it dry.
  4. Once dry paint glue on top of the glittery goodness to avoid it shedding all over the place. Then let it dry.
  5. Once dry, tie the ribbon to string around the top ( or wherever you want it) of the jar.
  6. Put candle in and watch it sparkle

This definitely looks soo good at night.

So here are some ideas for if you wanted to make your own decorations around the house for christmas. Stay tuned for more fun.

IM OUT!!!!!


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