Starbucks Christmas Beverages ROUND 2

ROUND 2! So this year there aren’t very much on the menu for Starbucks Australia Christmas drinks compared to last year. So because the pickings are slim I will be trying out hot and cold versions of drinks if they have both options. Sometimes drinks work better as a cold drink and taste like shit as a hot or vice versa.

This week we are trying out a:


How Starbucks Described it…..

“Inspired by everyone’s favourite Christmas cookie, the sweet and spicy flavours of gingerbread are the perfect match to our bold espresso. A special spice-infused whipped cream is then lovingly drizzled in golden ribbons of brown sugar sauce.” – STARBUCKS AUSTRALIA Website.

Well I was already sold on this being as I love gingerbread.

My Thoughts on the Beverage….

To start off sorry there is no photo, I ended up getting the latte through the drive through and it was a hot beverage so it really looked like any old latte. With something Ive never done which was have whipped cream and syrup put on my hot drink! I thought why not try it on top. this will taste great I will enjoy it for sure a bit of extra sugar might perk me up. A little bit of info I’m not a person who likes the idea of putting whipped cream on hot drinks (that includes hot chocolate) I find it weird. Sure its ok on warm desserts or cold drinks but I feel it doesn’t have any business on top of hot drinks.

Anyway about the drink. Smelling it straight away I had that Christmassy gingerbread scent that I love so much (seriously I want to bake gingerbread just so my house smells of it). Now the first sip I got a big ass mouthful of the cream and syrup mixed with the drink, it didn’t have the gingerbread taste I was expecting. It was a pretty strange taste to be honest it started off with a faint gingerbread taste but then morphed into something off. I thought it was the cream and syrup so I scooped the cream and syrup off to see if it had made any difference in the flavour and no it didn’t change a thing. It kind of tasted like the milk was bad or someone got the mixture wrong but it wasn’t pleasant. I was looking forward to this being similar to the chai/pumpkin spice lattes that they have with the spices all working together so well – some of them taste more like a freaking gingerbread cookie anyway. So this was a bit of a disappointment as in the flavour was not good, I will try the frappuccino version of this to see if it works better as a cold drink rather than a hot. Well see.



Also: If you are wanting to check out last years round two beverage adventure the link is below, since some of the drinks (not all) are on this years menu 



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