Let’s Break Some Sh**

This year I was in charge of organising the work Christmas party. Since it’s only my husband and I (yeah we own a business together…….haven’t killed each other yet!) it didn’t really matter that we weren’t having a few drinks and letting lose. I was just told to organise something fun for us two soooo I searched around and found a place perfect to let off some steam and would be something fun. THE BREAK ROOM.

So what’s a BREAK ROOM??

Well it’s not somewhere you hangout with co-workers drinking coffee or eating lunch (well not in this case). It’s basically a room you go into and destroy items inside eg. Plates, records, printers. Basically it’s a small room where you are given a basket of breakables and you can destroy the shit out of them by either smashing them on a wall or tee balling them with a baseball bat or even a sledge hammer. A little bonus with this is that you select the music you want playing while you are in the break room whether it being Halsey or even classical there is no judgement. They just want to to unleash your rage on the items. 


In the break room you are required to wear closed toe shoes (to protect your tootsies from smashed shit), coveralls which they supply, gloves and a face protector. This might not be the look that’s in right now but it will sure as hell protect you from getting hurt. So you do have a small run down on safety with staff and they show you how to swing a sledgehammer safely without wrecking yourself. In each room you are given one basket on breakables which is included in the price. BUT, if you feel like you didn’t quite get all of the rage out you can pay an additional amount for an extra basket. If you find you wanted to unleash the beast on bigger items e.g. printers, computers. You can also pay extra in order to smash the shit out of them. I chose to unleash a printer with a sledgehammer swell as the basket of goodies. I got to re-enact the Office Space printer scene. 

In the room it is one person at a time, obviously if I went in with my husband one of us would take out the other “accidentally”. There is no time limits in the room so take as long as you need. just warning you if you are smashing the crap out of a printer with a 8kg sledgehammer you are in for a workout. I was a little sweaty by the end of it. This is for sure a great activity to do with friends or work buddies. Its a great way to let your destructive side come out and just go ape shit and smash things without the worry of cleaning up the mess. Check this place out really you comet feeling more relaxed and you of course had a good laugh too. Ive added the website for you to take a little look at and maybe book your own session for the new year. 

IM OUT!!!!



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