Me vs Gingerbread Men

Nothing is more Christmasy than baking gingerbread cookies. I thought to myself this would be easy to make since I’ve made them before and they always turn out great……..that’s until I lost the recipe and used the Woolworths recipe from their website. At a glance it seemed like it was fairly similar to my old recipe so I thought “yeah I’ll be right” and decided to bake with the spawn. We turned this into a fun little baking afternoon together and afterwards would decorate the cookies and serve them on Christmas when everyone is having after feast coffee- trying too stuff that little bit extra in.

So miss spawn and I went all out with this baking experience we both wore matching Christmas aprons and had everything laid out ready in individual bowls as if we were on a cooking show. It did of course add more dishes to clean up later but so what all in the name of fun. So making the mixture wasn’t too hard the steps were very easy to follow and we had no issues. Then came the time to roll out the dough (is that the right term for this). In the past its been so easy to make and I’ve had no problems Ive just put the flour down on the bench and rolled that shit out. This time for some reason it just wanted to fall apart overtime i tried to roll it and cut out a little man with a cookie cutter. It was a bit disheartening for the little one when she cut out a man and tried to pick it up to put on the tray and his head would fall off. The bench had heaps of flour on it, but no matter what we did and how gentle we wee they would fall apart in transfer to the tray. So I ended up using the spatula to lift them off the bench to the tray without anyone missing a head or limb.

The cookies all cooked fine and I thought I was fine, I had a few setbacks but it was fine now. They came out of the oven and it was time for the decorations. Again I followed the recipe for the icing and it seemed to be coming along ok………until it came to putting the food dye in. We planned to have Christmas colours on the cookies; red, green and white. With blue on some with a little white, that wasn’t my choice I wasn’t going to argue with a 4 year old on colours. So mixing up the red dye became a royal pain in my ass. I mixed a few drops in to the mixture and straight away it went hot pink, so I added a bit more and more and more. Overtime I added the red dye it went pinker and pinker, what the actual fuck! After all of the fucking around I did with the food dye I gave up and said “well just have pink”. So we began decorating. I put the icing into little icing bags to make it easier to put on the cookies for decorations. It was easy in the beginning then I realised the red/ink became runny as fuck and our little gingerbread men that were supposed to be rocking red/pink Christmas jumpers with mini smarties on them started looking like mass murder victims. By the way we had two cookies shaped as Mickey Mouse as well – looked like Mickey hit the Christmas party too hard.

We ended up working with what we had and still had fun decorating the cookies. After they were done we left them to set for a bit before we tested them out. After holding off eating any sugar the whole day, we jumped into the cookies excited for a sugar fix. Shit we bet on the wrong horse. these were the most pain ass cookies Ive ever tasted the only thing that saved them was the icing and the Smarties decorations. Well that sucked!

Ok I’m going to say this with all confidence that these were a Fail. Spawn only ate the ones with the Smarties and loads of icing on them so that speaks volumes. I really was disappointed in these because one I love gingerbread cookies and two these are easy as fuck to make (pretty hard to stuff up). These honestly are plain cookies with a slight tinge of gingerbread flavour to it, barely. I followed this recipe so closely so I don’t get how this fucked up but yeah. Below is the link if anyone else wants to try this recipe- if you do tell me if your cookies came out ok, I need to know if it was 100% me or the recipe. Needless to say I’m not serving this shit to relatives, only the ones I like are coming Christmas Day do don’t want to burn any bridges. Well I’m off to buy some cookies.



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