Give these BALLS a go

Ok so these Clean Treats CONSTANTLY appear in my Instagram feed, to the point were I had to buy them. I was like a child in the supermarket at the checkout waiting for all the items to scan and noticed the chocolate on display strategically at the check out for last minute purchases. I didn’t need them but I had to have them. Now I have made Clean Treats/ Protein balls from scratch before that are apparently healthier treats. So when I saw these being flogged all over social media I thought “why not if its quicker and less steps and ingredients”. So I went on to get them. Now these balls brand Morlife in partnership with Ashy Bines. Morlife is a health food brand that sells greens powders, health food among other things. Ashy Bines is a social media influencer that has her own activewear brand, fitness/diet plans and many other business ventures. I purchased two packets of the Ashy Bines Clean Treats Ball Mix. One in the Chocolate Choc Chip and the other in the Mint Choc Chip.


I purchase this one because I wanted to play it safe with flavours and honestly I knew everyone in the house would eat it too. To make this up all I needed to add to the mix was almond milk, coconut oil and rice malt syrup. I ddi have to melt the coconut oil down a bit because it would have been a dick to mix it in. So really you just throw all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them up. Roll them into balls and put in the fridge until they firm up. It does take any time at all really and if you can’t wait you can start stuffing your face with the mix after all of the ingredients are combined.

Now these were really easy a quick to make which I loved. Be great if you had people come over and wanted to make a last minute treat for them, throw in the fact they are clean treats they will go quickly. The flavour was good chocolaty but not to the point were its absolutely sickening that was a plus. The texture I admit was a little grainy and was a pain in the ass when it was stuck in my teeth. I did stir the crap out of it so it was a bit annoying but not really off-putting. Overall this mix was a good start to try out i just wish the mix itself would be a bit smoother.


I ended up getting the mint because when I ordered these I was fresh off of Christmas and still had the taste for mint. When I opened this packet OHHHHH WOOOOW this smelt so amazing! It smelt exactly like a chocolate mint cookie (which are the best!). I was so excited to make this bad boy up and slam it down. This again was very few ingredients to add in to the mixture, all I had to add in was coconut oil and rice malt syrup. As with the previous mix stir well, roll into balls and put in the fridge.

This time I did wait until they firmed up a little before eating them, some sort of self control was needed. They were worth the wait for sure! These were so tasty I had to actually stash them in the freezer so the hardened balls (haha) would put me off shoving more in my mouth for that day. These were a perfect flavour and texture I could enjoy them as kind of an after dinner treat or afternoon treat…..or anytime treat. If you like chocolate mint go for this mix seriously these were so unbelievably tasty.

With both of these packet mixes they were good, I like how quickly they can be made up and without a heap of ingredients that had to be added on top of the mix. I do like the convenience of the treats that you can take one or two with you as a snack if your in the mood for something a bit sweet but are trying to eat clean and stay within your New Years resolutions (who actually sticks to that?). Like I mentioned the only flaw was the Chocolate Choc Chips texture was a bit grainy but really other than that the flavour was perfect. I may have ignored the little warning at the back saying to eat in moderation, ate a bit too much.



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